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    adding a frame/border around a thumb using looper

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi there everybody

      I am trying to make a site with a pages that display thumbs of products with borders or 'picture frames' around the thumbs

      I already have most of the things I need working fine.....

      I have a form which can upload photos and info and I can already display those pics and info on a product list page using the show thumb behavior and the horizontal looper

      ( I am actually using the tom muck horizontal looper as I can't figure out how to remove the table borders from around the addt looper cells , but I think the process is the same )

      So...... I am wondering how I can place an image of a picture frame ( basically just a square ) behind the thumb , and center the thumb so that it looks like a border and be able to apply the horizontal looper behavior to the thumb and the image so that when I upload a new pic onto my product page it automatically has a frame/ border around it

      I am having some trouble trying to figure this out

      I can put an image behind the thumb by inserting a picture as the background of the cell the thumb is in ....... but it is not centered and I cannot apply the looper behavior to the background of the cell

      I can insert the image I want to use into the cell but I cannot put the thumb over the image

      Is there anyway I can get this to work ?

      Any help would be great
      Have a nice day