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    Access properties of component within an itemRenderer

      I have a VBox (vbox1.mxml) component that contain a 2 childs component, which is Image and Label. Some snapshots of the code is :

      <!—vbox1.mxml - ->
      <mx:Image id="videoImg" width="100%" height="100%" cachePolicy="off" source="{data.videoImage}" name="{data.secs}" completeEffect="{fadeIn}" />

      <mx:Label id="segmentLabel" width="50%" color="white" textAlign="center" text="At {data.secs} secs" />

      Then I have the main application mxml (main.mxml) that will use this component (vbox1.mxml).

      <mx:TileList id="segmentTileList" width="100%" height="95%" itemRenderer=" vbox1" dataProvider="{vsRO.findVideoDetails.lastResult}"
      rowHeight="120" columnWidth="120" backgroundColor="#646D7E" backgroundSize="100%"/>

      Question is how am I able to access the Label value that resides within the item renderer? How can I read/write its values from my main.mxml?