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    Captcha Error on Remote Server

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      I have completed Waleed barakat's tutorial "Contact Us" and it works fine on the local sever. However, when uploaded to the remote server, the file MyriadWebPro.ttf in the lib/captcha/font/ folder will not upload. It appears to be a proprietary font preventing FTP upload. Accordingly, the Captcha function will not work on the form validation thus preventing the form from be submitted.

      Has anyone experienced this problem? have a solution? or have a work around?

      Any input will be appreciated.

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          I've never had this issue, but I would be very suprised if the FTP was preventing the upload due to proprietary font restrictions. That is something I have never heard of.

          Is this a Windows server? Contact your hosting company to see if there is any reason why you can't upload this file. You may be able to upload the file thru your web hosting admin panel as a workaround.