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    Applying styles to diferents Anchored Objetsaccordin to its height


      Hi, everybody,


      I Have a long document with matrix equations. They're eps files from MathType. The baseline equation script from MathType doesn't work beacuse different export issues.


      Captura de pantalla 2018-11-08 a les 12.39.48 p. m..jpg

      I wonder if it's possible to apply a specfic Object Style to each equation accordin to it height. So, if the rectangle that contains an eps is taller than than 10 pt but smaller than 33, then apply Object Style "matrix-double"

      Each different Object stylke, has its own Ybaseline offset for anchored objects. Tagguin all differents graphics with a style, could simplify to set up a css file for ePub publishing.

      Thanks in advanced