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    User cancelled action while placing excel file

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

      Hi all,


      First of all, I thought I post this message but don't see it appearing. I am guessing something went wrong in the process so please all my apologies if my post ends up duplicated. So, just in case, it was never sent…:P


      I get this warning quite often when my script tries to place an Excel document inside a textFrame. One on two is ok, one on two isn't :


      "user cancelled this action".


      I do place excel like myInsertionPoint.place ( myXLSXFile, false );


      I have played with ExcelImportPreferences with no luck. I also have seen people with similar troubles but with no solutions. has any of you a clue of what's going wrong


      Any ideas ?


      Thanks in advance,