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    Publish online an InDesign document with endnotes


      I created an Adobe InDesign CC ver 13.1 document by Placing a MS Word document that contained endnotes (Place/Include Endnotes checked). I would like to publish the INDD document online so that viewers can click on any endnote number in the text (e.g., pg 1) and see the full endnote text (e.g. page 4 - last page). Then by double clicking on the endnote number on pg 4, return to the endnote in the text on pg 1 to continue reading.


      It appears this can be done as 1) File/Publish Online or 2) Export/Adobe PDF (Interactive). But I have tried both methods and in neither case are the endnotes clickable (AKA "interactive"). Can anyone help me?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi JMcd ,

          why do you think InDesign will do linking and backling of endnotes with PDF Export and Publish Online automatically?


          See this discussion that has no answer:

          endnotes hyperlinks?


          And this one that is answered very ambivalently for PDF Export:

          New endnotes feature: Can you automatically apply cross references?


          I did a quick test with InDesign CC 2019 where I did PDF Export with Print intent with hyperlinks enabled:

          It did not work as expected. Linking from endnote reference to endnote text was ok. But backlinking did not work.


          Tested the exported PDF with Acrobat Pro DC on Windows 10.

          And with the PDF viewer of my Firefox browser. Both with the same result.


          Also tested Publish Online and here the answer is clearly a no.

          No linking from the endnote reference to the endnote text. And also no backlinking.


          All in all I think scripting would be the way to go.

          Hire someone who will do this.


          For footnotes I found this script by Peter Kahrel:

          Add hyperlinks to footnotes | Peter Kahrel


          But I did not test that with CC 2019 or CC 2018.1.




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            srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

            Hi there,



            I am moving this discussion to InDesign Scripting community so that you can get more scripting options for your workflow.





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              JMcd Level 1

              I am going to try posting again to see if there is anyone out there who knows how to do this.

              I can't use a script. I don't understand HTML and would only mess it up.


              Ultimate Goal: An Interactive PDF for the web where a viewer can click on any Endnote # in the text, be transferred to the last page where the Endnote reference is cited. The viewer can click on the Endnote # in the reference and be returned to the text where the Endnote # resides. Full circle on interactivity.


              My resources:

              1. Word document with 3 Endnotes

              2. InDesign document with 3 Endnotes


              In both programs, the problem comes when I need to repeat a previously used Endnote #. I have tried Text Anchors, Bookmarks, and Hyperlinks in Word. At best, the repeated Endnote # bounces to the reference but not to the page where the viewer was last reading; instead it jumps back to the first time the Endnote # was cited.


              In InDesign, I have tried manually entering the Endnote number, e.g., # 1, to be repeated. The program automatically changes the Endnote # 1 to the next sequence Endnote # 4.