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    Error message saying posting failed, but it really succeeded?

    OsakaWebbie Level 1

      I was writing a question on the Acrobat forum, and I started to get a periodic red message at the bottom saying that it couldn't auto-save, that I was possibly signed out, and offering a link to refresh the page. (I don't remember the exact wording.) I was not signed out, so I don't know what the problem was. I refreshed another tab I had open on the forum, and it showed me still signed in.


      When I finished writing and clicked Post, I got the same error. But the message only stays visible for a couple seconds, and I didn't respond fast enough to click on the refresh-the-page link. So I clicked Post again just to force the message to reappear so I could click on the link. (I chose that method rather than my browser's refresh in the hopes that it would be smarter about saving what was in the form.) Most of my content went away (proving that auto-save was indeed failing), but I restored it from where I had copied it elsewhere and submitted successfully.


      But the surprise was that I got three emails from moderation: one approval and two rejections! Does that mean that the first two submissions, which supposedly failed, actually succeeded?