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    Turn arrow/object based on left/right page

    bha$kar Level 1

      At the outset, I apologies if this has already been asked but I have not been able to find it.


      Is there a way to turn the object based on the left/right page. Please refer the screenshot below.

      In the first paragraph, there's an anchor object (relative to spine) placed outside margin and there's an arrow (object) and object style called "Arrow" has also been applied. I would like to turn the arrow-object based on the page. Would it be possible to do thru object style (or) is there any other way to do it automatically instead of manually doing it in every instance.


      Any help would be much appreciated.




      Message was edited by: A Bhaskar Have not got any responses from InDesign forum and so am trying whether I can get answers from scripting forum.