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    Protect each pdf with unique password.

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      Do you guys know how to protect each individual pdf file in a batch with a unique password, each intended for one user only? So for example Jenny Jones.pdf would have a password 6811 (last four digits of her SS#) and John Doe.pdf would get a password 6754. I have 360 users like that and three files for each, every month.

      I'm not a developer but I learn as I go along. I'm in the middle of a project for my company's compensation statement distribution. We have a portal through which we can deliver each user their file but this is not a completely secure process because users tend to give same entitlements to their co-workers. I got the pdf to print from access database saving each pdf with a unique name but I can't password protect with a unique password for each user. And opening and typing in password for each user is not an option:)

      Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it.