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    End an external object in extendscript

    i.akbari Level 1


      In Extendscript I create an ExternalObject object. It is an DLL in Visual C++. I call a function in it and obtain the result then I unload it.

      var basiceo = new ExternalObject("lib:" + "d:/file.dll");
      alert(basiceo.getAverage(10, 20, 0));

      This is just like the sample in Extendscript Toolkit SDK.

      Now if I make change in the DLL code, I can not build(compile) it any more. It gives me this error:

      error LNK1104: cannot open file 'd:/file.dll'

      It seems that the file has not been closed. If I close the Extendscript, I can build(compile) the code without error.

      How can I finish the external object in extendscript correctly?