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    Which Rip for Xerox 242?

    Gavin Oakes Level 1
      Hi All very new to here and i have a question

      Could anyone tell me whether they have any experience with EFI Fiery Bustled RIP or the Creo Lite Rip for the Xerox 242?

      What im looking to know is there much difference in them with aids to colour management for instance will i get better quality from the Creo Lite?

      All help is greatly appreciated

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          I use EFI Fiery Bustled now and it work really great. And I don't think Changing to Creo Lite Rip will make so much deference quality.
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            I dont know much about the Creo, but I have spent a great deal of time color managing the Bustled Fiery RIP. What are you looking to learn?
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              Gavin Oakes Level 1
              Hi Scott

              I currently have a DC12 xerox with a fiery rip, and want to upgrade to the 242 but the company selling it are hard balling the creo but ive seen the bustled rip work and the quality looks similar to my own but does the quality stay that way over a period of time and because im in the graphic design sector does the creo lite produce better results than the bustled fiery i dont want to be taking a step backwards hopely you can advise


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                I haven't used the Fiery or CREO with Xerox, but have used them both extensively with Konica Minolta production color.  Both have their strengths.  CREO is much easier to learn and very user friendly.  The color management and color correction capabilities are strong on both.  My personal preference has been CREO, but EFI has done a fantastic job the past couple of years with improvements on the Fiery controllers that have brought them neck and neck with CREO.  Bottom line is you won't go wrong with either one you choose.

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                  We all prefer CREO above the other.  It is definitely more user-friendly.

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                    I agree completely... 


                    I do have to give EFI credit, though.  They have made significant improvements the past two years.  They just released a new version of Command Workstation and have completely overhauled the user interface.  I've been working with it for about a month and it is very strong and user friendly. 


                    I'm still very partial to the Creo, but EFI is making strides to catch up. 


                    To give perspective and background:  I am the director of production print sales for one of the top three Konica Minolta resellers in the country.  Much of my bias one way or the other is based on which server has required the least support in the field with our clients (My team and I have all been trained directly by EFI and Creo to provide the highest possible level of training and support on both print servers). Creo has always required less support on every level.


                    EFI has definitely been playing catch up the past couple of years. I think they still have a little work to do, but they are quickly moving "neck to neck" with Creo.


                    Thanks for time and feedback!





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