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    2019 bug? This ECMAScript XML snippet works in 2018 but not 2019?

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Would anybody know why the following snippet throws an error when the ESTK target is 2019, but works fine when the ESTK target is 2018 (or ESTK itself)?

      Is ASCI 22 in fact not kosher for an XML text node?


      a = "apples";
      b = "pears";
      c = String.fromCharCode(22); // ASCII 22 is the character InDesign uses as a table placeholder in a textframe.
      x = <food>


      When targetting 2019 (even though the 2019 DOM is of course not touched by this script), ESTK throws an "XML error in line 4", and highlights line 7.

      But it's fine if the target is 2018.

      Am I missing something obvious?