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    GREP within paragraph style - Character Style change

    JustOneBren Level 1

      Hi all,

      Wondering if anyone can help with how I change the apply style in the GREP section of the "Paragraph Style Options" box?


      I have a Paragraph Style: "Codes + Prices"

      The Grep "Apply Style:" Character Style is "Bullet Bold Subhead"

      The Grep "To Text:" (?<=\t )\d{1,4}+\+


      I want to change the "Apply Style:" Character Style from "Bullet Bold Subhead" to: "Font Bold"

      Apologies for not putting any script up to start this off but all the help I have found has been for the Find/Change box, i'm finding it hard to find anything to tell me how to do this in the paragraph styles, does anyone have a script I can start with.


      Thanks in advance, Bren