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    Re: InDesign running slow. Spinning ball constantly appearing.

    aafisher Level 1

      I have the 14.01 update, but I'm still having a major problem with slowness. After every click or character, I get the spinning ball for about 15 seconds plus however long it takes to accomplish a typical task.


      I'm on a brand new iMac Pro with 64GB of RAM and tons of storage. I have the same problem on my Mac Book Pro.


      I've tried downgrading to InDesign 2018, and there's no difference. I've also tried all the basic things in articles about increasing speed. With InDesign running, there's still 48GB of RAM free. Processors don't get over 8% utilization when the ball is spinning.


      I've been working on this book now for a few weeks, and I suddenly started having the problem. Needless to say at 15 seconds per click or character, I can't get anything done. It takes over a full minute to type the word HELP.