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    Tags not exporting from ID CC 2015 to PDF [Edited]

    inkedguy Level 1

      I'm working with InDesign CC 2015 [edited] on a government computer. I am using styles, and I went into Style Options/Export Tagging to map the styles to a tags:


      Title - plain is mapped to H1

      Heading 1 is mapped to H2

      Heading 2 is mapped to H3

      Body is mapped to P

      Date & info is mapped to P

      [Basic Paragraph] is mapped to P

      Bullet is mapped to [Automatic]


      When I export to PDF, with Create Tagged PDF checked, none of the tags appear (but figures are tagged as Figure). In the TURO tool of Acrobat XI, everything is marked as Span. (BTW, paragraphs don't come across as paragraphs; each line is a separate Span item.) In Acrobat's Tags panel, I have these: <_P_> <Story>  <NormalParagraphStyle>


      I went back into the InDesign file and opened up the Tags panel. I mapped the styles to the tags there (created the tag LI and mapped Bullets to it). Generated a new PDF, and opened up the TURO tool. All Spans. Opened up the Tags panel. In addition to the tags mentioned earlier, I now have these: <Heading_1> <Title_-_plain>. It looks like <H2> got replaced by InDesign's Heading 1 and <H1> got replaced by InDesign's Title - plain.


      Bulleted items show up as Span in the TURO tool, but as <LI> subsumed under <L> in the Tags panel.


      With legacy PDFs, I don't have much choice but to do the tedious work of mapping everything manually in Acrobat XI. But I was hoping to avoid that for new ID docs by mapping styles to tags. What am I doing wrong?