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    form fields working intermittently in PDF




      I've been working in InDesign since 1.5. I'm on a Mac running High Sierra v10.13.6 using InDesign v14.0.1.


      I'm not very experienced with creating fields and buttons in InDesign.


      I've built a 18 page document and inserted about 40 , or so, text fields:

      • Event: On Click
      • No Action
      • Not hidden until triggered
      • Printable
      • Multiline
      • Scrollable
      • Arial Bold 12


      15 Check boxes:

      • Event: On Release or Tap ("On Click" would not work for me)
      • No Action
      • Appearance: top selection showing check-mark [Normal On] is selected
      • Not hidden until triggered
      • Printable
      • Button Value: Yes


      I struggled a bit in figuring out how to set the forms up. I need the pages to have lines like a journal and form text to align with the journal lines. I put the ruled lines on one layer then set up the forms separately on a top layer. I adjusted the font size and spacing of both until it resulted in an pdf form that seemed to align to the InDesign journal lines fairly closely. (I hope that makes sense.)


      When I added the check boxes I struggled until I switched from "On Click" to "On Release or Tap"


      Everything seemed to work well, until it didn't. I was able to fill out the pdf form on most of the pages but suddenly it stopped functioning. I closed the PDF, opened it again, and it began working again. I sent the pdf to a colleague who had a similar problem. I re-exported the pdf without any changes and she stopped having problems.


      I've since realized that I should have set up a tab order and am working on that. Do you think that has been my problem? Or could it be something else? I'm on a tight deadline so I'm posting this question before I finish the tab order in case someone who's more versed that I can tell me if the tab order is irrelevant or not. Thanks for understanding.