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    Calendar printing on 11 x 17


      I am trying to print a wall calendar on 11 x 17 size paper with a saddle stitch. Once completed, a photo will appear at the top of a page with the corresponding monthly grid on the bottom. I have followed instructions from a similar post on the forum (from 11/2016) and another from a "Marc Anthony" website, and I STILL cannot print the calendar the way it needs to be printed. I have tried all sorts of layouts, rotating the pages, adjusting the print options, etc., and I absolutely cannot make this work. If anyone can please help me out, I would sincerely appreciate it.


      Thank you!

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          Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

          You haven't said what is actually going wrong with the job. I suspect it relates to the fact that usually a job that is to have a final size of 11 x 17 would be printed on paper larger than the final size and then would be trimmed out. The reason for this is related to bleed. If your images need to appear to be going off of the page you will need to provide extra image beyond the trim that will insure that when finished the "bleeding" actually occurs. It is important to realize that most printers cannot actually print right to the edge because they need approximately 1/4 inch of what is known as gripper space for when the paper travels through the printer. That 1/4 inch will show as white on the finished print.

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            bkuypers10145036 Level 1

            Hi Bill.


            With this particular project, bleed is not a concern. The problem seems to be in the layout (and is most likely due to operator error). My end goal is to have the calendar photos and their corresponding grids print landscape, with the 11 x 17 pages set to portrait. Mainly what seems to happen is that two graphics and their corresponding grids appear side be side (with the grid incorrectly at the top and the graphic incorrectly at the bottom), instead of one graphic landscape at the top of the page and its corresponding grid at the bottom of the page.




            I have tried to set the calendar up as a booklet, as this seems to be what is recommended, but the end product is not printing correctly. I have made all sorts of adjustments and nothing has worked so far.

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              dave c courtemanche Level 3

              Are you composing as 8.5x11 pages and converting to a booklet on the printer? Without seeing your layout & the corresponding printer info, it's hard to know where the error is occurring. My copier has a Fiery RIP that allows me to convert a Ltr size document into a Tabloid booklet. That imposition & saddle binding is configured on the RIP. Seeing how you're saying the imposition is flipped, what happens when you tweak your Indesign file to match the output (move picture where the grid is, move grid to where the pic is).

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                bkuypers10145036 Level 1

                Well...it appears my main issue was not flipping the calendar pages on the short side, and not taking into account that the pages had been rotated. Thank you for your time!

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                  rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Usually for calendar layouts you rotate the view from the Pages panel, which rotates the view but not the actual pages:


                  Screen Shot 6.png


                  The page layout then has the binding spine on the horizontal edge and the Pages panel shows a rotation icon.


                  Screen Shot 7.png


                  From there you layout the pages as they should appear in calendar format, with the image on the top and the grid on the bottom. If you look at the Pages panel you can see the grid is on the left page and the photo is on the right page of the spread.


                  Screen Shot 8.png


                  If you a printing in house you can do the imposition with Print Booklet, but it gets a bit complicated and not all printer drivers work happily with Print Booklet.


                  The page count has to be in multiples of four—you are printing 2 page spreads front and back of the sheet. Here's a 24 page saddle stitch imposition, it's important to setup the Print Booklet>Printer...>Print dialog correctly. Make sure you check Print Blank Pages under General.


                  Here my Page Size is 11x17 so the Orientation has to be Landscape.


                  Screen Shot 9.png

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                    bkuypers10145036 Level 1

                    Rob, this is SO helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to send screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Thank you!