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    Getting a script to search and save URL tags to text fields

    julianb37611504 Level 1

      My client is wanting to supply a library of URLs which should link to specific text labels in InDesign, with a script to assign the URL links to the text labels.


      Eg. Whenever the script encounters a text label like ‘SA1757’ in InDesign text, it assigns a corresponding URL such as 'www.pharmac.govt.nz/latest/SA1757.pdf’ to it.


      The process needs to be driven by a script in order to automate the process as there are quite a few of these text labels.


      The end goal is to be able to generate URLs from these text labels automatically in a PDF file.


      Would anyone know how to go about achieving this?


      I'm guessing my client would supply some kind of data file (xml?) which assigns specific URLs to specific text fields, which I would then need to instruct InDesign how to process.