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    Best for making event flyers: InDesign or Illustrator?

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      Hi everyone, I am new here. I am a novice with Adobe products, but I do have the Creative Suite. I have used Illustrator tons and am very comfortable with it. I used InDesign once to make a pamphlet.

      I am part of a charity group that often puts on events. I will be making all the flyers. Printing budget is low and will probably consist of going to Kinkos and printing on A4 paper. So these flyers are really not all that involved, but I want to make them the very best that they can be.

      Now my question. Is it better to use InDesign or Illustrator to make the flyers?

      And as a bonus, if you know of any sites that might give me inspiration to make flyers, I would appreciate it! I try to keep my eyes peeled and learn new things all the time. I want to give credibility to our group with the flyers, and I dont want them to look cheesy or home-made. Thanks for any tips you might have!