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    Multipage PDF back for CS4?

    Phil Scarsbrook Community Member
      Hi guys,
      I know that I should be asking this in the Photoshop forum, but you guys are so much nicer and knowledgeable.

      I downloaded the optional plugin zip from Adobe, but it does not include PDF presentation. In our workflow, we open a card template (PSD) and populate it with the clients images and text. These are double sided/creased cards, so in the past we would simply choose automate/pdf presentation and choose multipage pdf and be done.

      With CS4, we have to save the files to our desktop, then open bridge, select the files, click on output and change the settings to create the pdf.

      As nice as the new output module in bridge is, we work in a production environment and this is really slowing us down.

      I know that we could just keep using CS3 for these tasks, but I would love to find a solution in CS4.

      Any suggestions? thanks