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    Newbie: Using Command Line to Get PDF file to print legal size

      Hi -<br /><br />I have an application (Foxpro) which produces a PDF file.  I have to automate a process to print this out to a network printer.<br />I would like to be able to print using a command line like -<br />C:\Program Files\...\Acrobat.exe \p \h \<flag for legal size paper> <Path to file><br /><br />It would seem like this would be easily done, but I can not figure this out.  Another possibility is automating changing the file page set-up from letter to legal size.  Can this be done?<br /><br />I would really like if this was possible via a command line, but I could create a VB exe program if needed.<br /><br />Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.<br /><br />Thanks in advance,<br /><br />Chris Tauss (ct60@aol.com)