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      We would like to purchase Adobe, if we can find INDIC UNICODE SUPPORT (COMPLEX SCRIPT SUPPORT) in all products of DTP and DESIGNING kind. If anyone can help us whether we can expect such one in the future.

          Adobe, please respond to this query - its 9 months old! Most of Asia is shut out of your technology owing to lack of complex script support in virtually all of your products. Can you not at least use the default rendering engines in the OS platforms you have software for? We use most other software on Windows, Linux and even Mac OS without a problem now - but not Adobe products.

          And, your monopoly may soon run out...

          sri lanka.
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            Similar case for Nepal. Most Nepalis use Nepali OTF (linked to the Devanagari Unicode Chart) for DTP applications. However, this is not possible for Pagemaker and other Adobe products. And Adobe products seem to the standard used by most layout and design team. What this means is that most publishing houses are not able to use unicode based fonts (which would allow for better search and other features) in Nepali. It would be great if Adobe could explain when it will extend support for complex scripts.

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              If adobe facilitates supporting for OTF complex scripts in its products, adobe will the biggest software seller for printing jobs in Nepal as well as south Asia.

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                We have difficult time with working with Adobe as it doesnt support our language.. if you could have it support Pashto would be very useful.

                Thanks, Omar- Afghanistan
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                  Im not sure why adobe doesnt concentrate on it. I dont think they are not able to do it. South Asia region have significant number of user of adobe products. I think adobe should concentrate on complex scripts supports to their products.
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                    Adobe, you got to support Unicode (for all asian scripts) or else you'll fail. Because, we,the opensource community we will support competitive opensource adobe look-a-like tools to support Unicode!!!!!!!

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                      In Bhutan, we are also fully dependent on Adobe products, especially print and media organizations are heavely using them. However, there are problems since it's based on ASCII. We will appreciate if Adobe could support Unicode to support Complex scripts in their products.

                      Pema C
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                        I'm eager to participate in this forum. Adobe should support Unicode to support complex scripts in all of their products, so that we feel easy to use our Language (Urdu) while using Adobe products.
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                          Lack of Unicode support in Adobe products has forced us to find work-around solutions to support printing related eGov applications in Sri Lanka. We had to buy extra sw such as MS Publisher for few govt organizations though they have Adobe products. If Adobe does not work to make their products Unicode compatible, eventually all local printing industry will migrate to products with Unicode support.

                          Sri Lanka
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                            I'm not sure how a discussion of unicode support is relevant to this forum. The "scripting" referred to here is that of automation not that which has much to do with unicode.

                            I suggest you take this discussion to the Typography forum:


                            and, if I may suggest, please be a bit more specific about which applications you're talking about or just what you mean by unicode support because I was under the impression that Adobe applications do support unicode.

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                              Jayanta Nath Level 1

                              Dear All,


                              Use the Adobe Middle Eastern Version CS2,CS3,CS4, or coming CS5. It is support all Indic unicode version. The distributor of this version is Winsoft International (http://www.winsoft-international.com/). Download the trial and check it out.It allows you to edit and work in one or several of the following languages  at the same time: Arabic, Azeri, Bengali, Farsi, Georgian, Greek,  Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer/Cambodian, Lao,  Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese

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                                Diwakar Man Shrestha



                                The problem with the halants on half-characters is an issue in Devanagari Script. There are two solutions to that. One is to use the older InDesign CS4, which doesn't have that problem, but you have to have a way of turning on the Wolrd-Ready Composer, which is hidden by default. And you may not be able to find a copy of CS4, since it's a few versions back.



                                The other solution is to use a plug-in for InDesign (not for all adobe products) called ScribeDoor.

                                We found that if you install ScribeDoor, then run InDesign once, then uninstall ScribeDoor, the basic Indic handling remains functional in InDesign (though not some of the extra features provided by ScribeDoor). Here's the procedure:



                                1. Download ScribeDoor from the above link, and install it. Make sure you get the one for the version of InDesign you have.

                                2. After installing ScribeDoor, run InDesign at least once, and click Cancel on the ScribeDoor screen that comes up giving you the opportunity to register.

                                3. Close InDesign and uninstall ScribeDoor. NOTE: The ScribeDoor trial is valid for only 7 days, although the other trials on their site are 30 days. (See the note at the very bottom of the page, which states this). You MUST uninstall ScribeDoor before the 7 days are up. If you leave it longer than 7 days, the Indic handling will be disabled, and will not be re-enabled even if you then uninstall and re-install ScribeDoor again. That's why we recommend uninstalling it right away.



                                If you follow the above procedure, then in the Paragraph Style options where you choose the language for the text, you will find Hindi now appears in the list. If you set the language to Hindi for any style that uses Devanagari, it should display OK, without the halants.