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    Anybody got a "Paste in Place" Script?

      Hi there,

      I have no experience with InDesign Scripts yet, but a couple of tasks on hand that would be faster with Scripts. I only know Actions in Photoshop, so I describing what I need as it would be a Photoshop Action:

      - Open all files in folder A (I've got 44 .indd files in this folder)
      - Paste in Place on page X (a couple objects I already have in the cache)
      - Save
      - Close

      and so on...

      Is this complicated? Can I find this Script somewhere?

      I found an "open" and "save" script here, but with my lacking knowledge this won't help me...http://olivier.berquin.free.fr/indesign/indesign_2.html#top_open_document

      Thanks so much!

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
          var myfolder = Folder("/c/...");//or Folder.selectDialog();
          var myfiles = myfolder.getFiles("*.indd");
          for(i=myfiles.length-1; i>=0; i--)
          app.layoutWindows[0].activePage = myfiles[i].pages[X];
          //You should better use a place method with a external file rather than pasteInPlace.
          Hope it helps.