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      In the CS4 Scripting Guide on page 108 (also on page 87 of the CS3 guide), the beforeDisplay event is listed twice with these two descriptions:

      Appears before the menu or submenu is displayed.

      Appears before the script menu action is displayed or changed.

      The first description seems easy enough to understand, but the second one has me floundering a bit. I thought that script menu actions were invoked, not displayed. And what does changed mean in this context?

      The table on page 120 (98) seems to make things a bit clearer. Presumably the second description above corresponds to:

      Runs the attached script before an internal request for the enabled/checked status of the scriptMenuActionscriptMenuAction.

      But what is that doubling of scriptMenuAction? Is that just a typo that has survived two editions or does that have some meaning I have yet to discern? Looks like it might be just a typo because that construction appears nowhere else in the document.