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    Can I Use Scripting Or actions To Automate Converting LOTS OF IMAGES to Specific Sizes

      My Question, I Have a bunch (Over 100) of images, that I Need to re-size into two specific sizes (Proportionately) for each photo. 350x350px and 105X105px for the thumbnails.
      I Tried Using Photoshop Actions but it does not work for this (Every time I use the place command in Photoshop and record it as action, when action is played back it just goes back and get the same image that I recorded, Not all the images in folder)
      So I did it in InDesign: I Created A Document The Size of the image sizes I need, Converted the master Text box to image frame, Modified the frame fittings option so that image will import in the center of the frame and fit proportionately, then I created the same number of pages that I need I Shift+command Click on each page's image frame to override master page link. Then I went under the file menu selected export and export each file as a jpeg. GREAT, But That process still takes a bit of time setting up I Also Have A Few Other Sizes that I Need to do but (I'll Figure That out later)
      Doesn't Really Matter Which Program I use Photoshop or InDesign, Which one does it the fastest, as I Have multiple jobs that to complete.
      If I Could only ad the place command in Photoshop to an action (where It Picks all of the images in a particular folder instead of the same image that was recorded while the action was running).

      Any help for my dilemma would be greatly appreciated.
      Using ADOBE CS3
      AND MAC OS10.4