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    [CS3] [JS] Find Change Aesthetic Kerning Pairs

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      I want to find and "erase" all the aesthetic kerning values in a document with Find Change.

      How do I say: "app.findTextPreferences.kerningValue" != (zero or null)


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          Can't do that. ID can't find "other" attributes, only specified ones.
          This one regularly bites me when authors don't use Superscript and Subscript, but make their text a few pts smaller and move it up/down a few points -- and I bet it's their (w|W)ord processor that does it!

          "A" solution (as opposed to "the") is to mark all 'good' text with S&R with a color, then search for orginally-colored text.

          .. Although, in your case, I think you can set all kerning to 0 and be done with it.