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    CS scripting export ( Old bug may be? )

      Hi,<br />I did a script years ago that duplicated  text from one template to another (A Copy / Past  really without the need to select the target using the box label and exporting the selected story)<br /><br />All the script did was exported the select story into a text file and then placed it into other documents that are also open.<br /><br />The problem l've been looking at today was that some times the target text is a line shorter than the source when placed.<br /><br />This is what l've found and l was wondering if it's a known bug or not in CS?<br /><br />If l export using applescript l get extra tags which are not in a manual export:<br />^M<ParaStyle:FREEVIEW\_BODY><cTypeface:Light><cSize:7.000000><cHorizontalScale:0.950000 ><cLeading:7.000000><cFont:Humanist 521 BT>^M<cTypeface:><cSize:><cHorizontalScale:><cLeading:><cFont:><br /><br />This when placed into other templates it adds an extra line to the story.<br /><br />Any views on this would be grateful ;-) <br /><br />Regards, Gary.