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    MathML vs CS2, CS3

    hm_arul Level 1
      Hi scripters

      Anyone give me an idea about MathML into Indesign process. Originally I am trying to create equations when I am importing XML+MathML into Indesign.

      Is this possible?

      Your comments are most welcome

      Thanks in advance

      a r u l
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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
          (Short) You can't.

          (Long) MathML is purely a descriptive language. There are programs that can convert this into graphic equations, but InDesign is not one of them. MathML is "just" a
          i descriptive
          language -- you can draw the square root of 2 by typing in (presumably) "< sqrt >2< /sqrt >". Now how can InDesign "know" the square root character should be drawn over the 2? It can't -- it's not built in.

          The standard XML translation is: everything is either a paragraph, or a character style. Now
          i these
          two items can be translated directly into an InDesign document. Compare this to, for example, an Excel file, written out as XML. Excel can read it back in and you can do your spreadsheet calculations with it. You can import it into InDesign, but suddenly the cell text "sum(a1..a5)" appears just like that, not anymore as a sum.

          Pointing out MathML == XML is not a valid reasoning. I can think of a variety of data written in XML, that ID doesn't process 'natively'. It doesn't process them at all, period.

          (Very long) ... Although you're welcome to go and write a javascript that reads MathML commands and draws InDesign items in turn.