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    .chm is read only


      Was wondering if anyone has run across an issue with the .chm file changing to read only after a file transfer/ dowload of the .chm? We use Afaria to download the .chm. As well as an .xml that puts the .chm into the proper directory needed. Thanks for any help here.

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          johndaigle Level 4
          HI, debtruevalue and welcome!
          I know nothing about Afaria so there may be other issues. However, I believe you are encountering a common problem with the way chms are handled ever since Microsoft issued Windows XP Service Pack 2. There are a lot more restrictions for deploying CHM files because of MS' security concerns. First, the file must be on the local user's hard drive. To access the file, the user must go to the CHM, right click, select properties. At the bottom of this dialog box you, under Security, click Unblock.
          Otherwise, it may be some other issue with Afaria I am not aware of.
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            debtruevalue Level 1
            Thank you John!