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    Still no supervision in the French and Spanish forums?

    Claudio González Most Valuable Participant
      I forgot that threads are extremely short lived in this forum, and the discussion that really began within an unrelated thread, here

      Pierre Courtejoie, "Shouldn't these links be removed as soon as possible?" #8, 27 Feb 2005 1:21 pm

      has already gone to the Archives, where it is in danger of going to the limbus in the near future.

      I still think that this is an important issue, and still wait to see any improvement in those forums showing that the messages by Pierre and myself on the subject have not fallen in a void. Although we both value and thank Neil Keller for his attempts to get some reaction in higher quarters, his attempts have unfortunately been a failure.

      It is pathetic to see pages in the forums in Spanish with templates that are written in a mixture of English and a very bad Spanish. It is even more pathetic that JC stopped more than a year ago feeling authorized to introduce any non trivial change to improve this situation. The worst part is however to feel that there is no one listening, or at least willing to admit that there might be problems in those forums.

      I feel very disappointed.
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