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    cfgrid: clientside validation


      I've found a lot of pages dealing with serverside validation oder clientside validation in cfinput fields,
      but Im looking for a clientside validation in a grid.

      Any hints oder links for me?

      Regards, Philipp
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          SafariTECH Level 1
          Well, you should always have server-side validation regardless of whether or not you have client-side, simply because not everyone has javascript turned on. Rock-solid applications never rely solely on Client-Side validations.

          The CFGRID is a java or flash control, depending on choice, so you should be looking at server -side anyways, since in the client browser it may not work with one over another, whether they have JS turned off or not.

          You would have to have JS delve into and read the JAVA properties, or flash properties in each case, which is not overly simple. Server side is generally recommended for CFGRID only, especially since it does not necessarily record the input in the same order that you visually see it on screen.

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            phschmidt Level 1
            I've already implement a serverside validation.
            I'm looking for a possibility to prohibit typing non-numerics in an flash-formatted cfgrid to make the input process more comfortable for the user.