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          Has anyone tried to add video to the pdf file. I down loaded the trial version to use it with video. It has the video tool bar and a box opens to select add video file. If I select any of a number of mpg files on the hard drive it just goes to the next screen where it asks you to pick a poster title screen. This box opens half way and then freezes up. You can not pick a poster or play video or any thing. The program seems to work in all other ways and if I choose to add from the video tool bar a flv file it will add that no problem. I thought they were telling people that you just had to add any kind of video and this program would convert it. Why do they have different buttons on the tool bar if it will only accept flv files?
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            Steve Small Adobe Employee
            Search for "Add Multimedia to PDFs" in the Acrobat 9 Pro extended Help system
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              I get further than you. I can set the poster, change the start and stop locations, but once I do OK, I see a "trancoding video" pop up flash by in a second or two (for a 20-second .mpg), but the PDF has no controls, no thin-lined box, no indication that what I just spent the last minute doing even exists. The "help" page assumes this works. It doesn't. Gotta laugh. I am an idiot! I must be for this program to be able to outsmart me so easily.
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                To add, the thing doesn't like .mpg from nero (plays fine in everything else I have). A .wmv (not sure which kind exactly) is transoding as I write (so very slow for such a small file -- and the application itself isn't upding its window -- I think it died...).

                Anyway, at least this STARTED to transcode. I looked in %temp% and saw a dozen or so zero-length .flv files from yesterday (I suppose from the .mpg it couldn't figure out).

                Still transcoding, only half-way and it's been six minutes (8 MB .wmv, only 30 seconds). The main window is dead though so the screen is a mess (dual CPU so I can still do this).

                I noticed that when trying to play an audio/mp3, I HAD TO ENALBE the frickin' BROWSER to play audio in web pages before the PDF would do anything with regard to the mp3 file. I am laughing again! I would not be surprised if I have to ENABLE THE BROWSER to show video in a web page BEFORE THE PDF WILL SHOW a video. This is ABSURD! What do I need a BROWSER setting to control a PDF function?

                OK, false alarm on the video; the browser can be set to not show video and it still shows. The mp3 needs the browser set to get audio. I don't have any .wmv files with audio so I can't test that out. Too bad Nero .mpg files don't want to work. Hm. I wouldn't want to bet that holds true with h.264 (non-swf) files, though. And if I disbled swf as a plugin to the browser, would it still work in pdf? I've never used an swf pluing -- I get rid of those first thing. Now I'm stuck with it (security reasons is why).

                It took 10 minutes to transcode the 30 second, 8 MB .wmv. Maybe that's normal. The non-update of the main acrobat window, that's not normal (of a well-designed app it's not).