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    distiller missing text and image links when saving to pdf

      Not sure if anyone has experienced this issue before. Basically I create artwork 1up in indesign CS3 and print as a postscript file "print ready settings" then create a pdf through distiller 8.1.2. After this I then imposition the 1up PDF back into indesign (using the pdf as a link and then step and repeat it) then I print the new imposed artwork as postscript file again and distill it as a PDF ready for offset printing.

      Most time this process works like a dream, but every now and then distiller doesn't want to process the file correctly and images and sometimes text have dropped off the final imposed PDF file. It doesnt notify me of any problems when distilling. As you can imagine working in the print industry this is VERY SCARY

      As i am using a common 1up pdf link the imposition should be correct, (all the pdf linked images should be the same anyway) Is it a memory issue, or a bug in distiller perhaps.
      Im running a Mac with OSX 10.4.11 with 2Gig of RAM.

      If you would like to see a sample of the issue let me know.

      Any help on this would be awesome.