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    FormItem Label Issues

    CF_crazee Level 1
      heres my code
      <mx:FormItem id="supplinfFI" label="Supplemental&#13;Information" width="100%">
      <mx:TextArea id="supplinf" width="100%"/>

      the problem is that even though the label is in two lines the height of the "FormItemLable" is only one line and you have to scroll to see the second line and there is no scroll bar . I discovered that accidentally

      I just want to know how to have a multi line label for a form item, its really frustrating

      Thanks in advance for the help
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I do not think you can. So just don't use Form, or try to use mx:Text instead of the FormItem label.
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            CF_crazee Level 1
            Well, doesnt that mean I cant take advantage of any of the form styles? Im designing a pretty advanced form with multiple tabs, with child tabs under the parent tab. I have everything separated as mxml components so I guess for that one page where I require multi-line labels I can not use form, but this is something that probly needs fixed coz its such a simple requirement for a form.