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    Need help with www.scribd.com

      When I upload my ebooks published with the paid adobe software, the document only shows squares instead of text, when it is viewed or downloaded from Sribd.com

      They have not been able to help me with this problem... it is a major glitch for me in distributing my free self help books.

      Older books published years ago with pdf995 doesnt have this problem with scribd.com ... I can upload the book and it is perfect, so why does the text turn to squares when I upload a book published with Adobe? I think its version 6 or 7 I bought.

      It would really bug me to have to go back to publishing my ebooks with a free program instead of the Adobe one I paid $$$ heaps for!

      Has anyone else encountered this problem and worked out how to fix it?

      - Helene Malmsio