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    recording 'skips'

      I'm new here, and so I apologize if this has already been covered, I tried looking around the forum before posting.

      I did an interview with an author the other day, and he wanted a recording. Unfortunately, our (radio) station isn't all that high tech yet, so I recorded it on mini-disk, and then record it into AA3. The recording on AA has little 'skips' in it, and I cant figure out why. I listened to the mini disk directly, and it sounds fine, or at least as fine as a mini disk can sound, so the problem is somewhere as it goes into AA. Any ideas on this?
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          _durin_ Adobe Employee
          Hi Matt,

          Was this recorded on a Vista machine? If so, they can require some massaging to get perfect audio.

          If not, we'll need to look at several possible causes. What sound device are you using to record, and which driver and buffer settings? Were other applications running that may be accessing the hard drive regularly and interfering with Audition's ability to write the data out? Were the skips at rather precise intervals or randomly scattered throughout? Do the skips appear as gaps of silence, or does the audio just quickly jump from one bit to the next, losing the contents in between?

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            Hi Durin,

            First I should say that I'm no audiophile, so I have a rather simple understanding on using this software, much the same way an average person uses a 'snap and shoot' camera on default settings rather than know how to really get the most out of a camera. I'm trying to learn more (thats why I'm here) but as far as some finer details I'm a novice.

            That said, I will answer the best I can. I do not run vista, just XP. No other apps are running that should interrupt I don't think, just outlook & one or two IE browsers. I tried to record it into audition a couple times, and the skips seemed to be in the same places, and they were not silent gaps, but rather lose some small portions of content. They would cut out a word, or even just half a word.
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              HomeboyStudio Level 1
              Matt, Outlook and IE running at the same time as AA could most certainly cause interuptions and skips. I fired up the DPC Latency Checker (available here: http://www.thesycon.de/eng/free_download.shtml) and let it run for a few minutes with Outlook and IE windows open. When Outlook goes to check mail or there is a Java call in IE, the DPC latency skyrockets. I would recommend not having either Outlook or IE open when you are working with AA.

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                i am having a similar problem like this while recording,

                i am recording in Adobe Audition,
                in "track 1" i have recorded some sounds,
                then i am recoding in "track 2" with the "track 1" playing,
                but while recording, the recording and sound suddenly stops for 1 second, and then continues recording.
                and then when i play the recorded track, the "skips" are there.

                what can i do?

                where do i check the buffer settings?
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                  Ozpeter Level 1
                  http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml is worth a look. It helps identify whether you've got a basic problem with your PC regardless of the software you're using. Here I found that my laptop gives a better long-term reading with that utility if I disable certain stuff that I don't normally use, eg Ethernet.
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                    I'm having the same problem. My stops occur at regular intervals. About 6-7 apart. I'm running windows XP. I've tried increasing the buffer size several times, it still has the same problem.


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                      Just to clarify, I thought the problem was coming from some DJ software that I had, but I tested it by simply recording into Audition with the software closed. Same problem. My current buffer size is at about 90, but even shutting down all of the programs doesn't seem to fix the problem. I have an XP machine with a 1.6 GHZ Sempron AMD processor, with about 528 MB of ram. Could anyone suggest a fix for this? Thanks,

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                        HomeboyStudio Level 1
                        Pete, for starters you will see a drastic increase in performance if you epand your RAM to 2 gigs.

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                          Yeah, but is that really the cause of the problem? I can't even record regular wav without it having gaps every 6 seconds. That even with having all other applications closed.
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                            HomeboyStudio Level 1
                            If you use this computer for 'normal' operations (word processing, printing, internet, etc.) then the chances of you having small applets running in the background is increased tremendously. In that case, if any of these applets needs to gain priority to operate and there is not RAM available, then they will swap out to 'virtual memory' on the HD. That takes up prcessor time and band-width - robbing those resources from your real-time recording program.

                            The choices that you have are to dilligently examine your operating environment and shut-down all forms of background apps, increase the memory size, or a combination of both.

                            You could also be having sound card issues. You don't say what kind of card you have and whether it has proper ASIO drivers written for it or whether you are using a 'wrapper' like the Audition Audio driver or ASIO4All (which, by the way, may be able to help your situation).

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                              I went to the computer store today to have my memory increased to 1028. I'm still have the same problems.

                              From Dean:

                              "The choices that you have are to dilligently examine your operating environment and shut-down all forms of background apps, increase the memory size, or a combination of both."

                              What is the best method by which I can do this?

                              Also, I have a Conexant HD Sound card. It's the one that came with my Compaq Presario computer. I'm just trying to record some audio through the microphone inputs of my computer. I've tried shutting down everything possible on my computer, but I'm still having the same gaps. Increasing the memory size didn't change the frequency of the gaps which occur every 6-7 seconds. Which leads me to believe that it might be some sort of software issue or a sound card issue.

                              Dean also said:

                              "You could also be having sound card issues. You don't say what kind of card you have and whether it has proper ASIO drivers written for it or whether you are using a 'wrapper' like the Audition Audio driver or ASIO4All (which, by the way, may be able to help your situation)"

                              Well, I don't think mythe card manufacturer even has ASIO drivers for it. I'm currently using the Adobe Audition 3.0 Windows drivers. Also, what do you mean by "wrapper?"

                              With that being said, what is the best means to go about solving this problem?




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                                HomeboyStudio Level 1
                                A 'wrapper' in music software terms is a way to make one type of driver or plug-in look like another type. In the case of AA 2.0 and 3.0 which require ASIO drivers for the audio hardware, then the Audition Windows driver does just that.

                                The ASIO4All driver is another one that many people have had success with, most times with much better performance than the Audition Windows driver. This, of course, depends on the individual system and audio hardware. The GOOD news about ASIO4All is that it is FREE and available at http://www.ASIO4All.com Very much worth a try in this situation I would think.

                                As far as nailing down other reasons for the periodic 'skips', you might want to get DPC Latency Checker here: http://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml

                                It is another free program that can give you an idea if there is a background process or driver causing the skips. You will need to run it and then monitor it for awhile to see if you get the big red spikes that indicate a background process that is interupting the real-time audio stream. Read the information on TheSyscon site for a full explanation of the symptoms and suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting any problems found.

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                                  I have the same problem, and closing all applications MAY help, but if you generate some silence before recording, THEN record in the silence's place the view won't continously scroll horizontally and it reduces the gaps. Audition's weird rendering CAN cause these silly gaps. I got enough of this and went for Ableton Live, now i can run torrent, firefox, whatever i want, it has a large memory buffer I think and it is just perfect. Then u can still export it to wav and use audition for postprocessing thogh.