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    More I/O devices available

    Bob Evarts Level 1
      Right now I have to group channels together on busses, even though I have hardware channels to spare. It would be nice to be able to use at least 48 outs. 56 would be even better so I can use all of my available hardware mixer channels for mix down.
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          SuiteSpot Level 4
          I'm not sure why there is a problem you can route a track to any hardware output. I have 28 and can route to all of them from AA.
          Unless I'm musunderstanding you then you should select a track and route from 'Master' to say a mono channel something like say '[28M Adat 16 (1)]' or whatever output you want.
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            Bob Evarts Level 1
            I was under the impression that Audition 3 would only support up to 40 outputs. I just changed some settings in my Motu interface, and it appears to recognize all 48 channels I presently have available, so I must have been mis informed when I started using AA3. I've been complaining for months for nothing. I feel foolish now. :(