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    No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3

    Heiner Strentzsch
      Hi Folks,

      my special Situation is that i first bougth CS3 Web Standard and now months later i installed the additional update for photoshop c3. My old cs2 standard is still installed.

      but now, when i use the bridge, i miss all menu entries - supporting camera raw. e.g. for opening JPGs in camera raw. my raw-files will work with camera raw, cause i checked that box in photoshop preferences. there is another checkbox for jpgs, but i didn't want to open JPGs always in Camera RAW.

      What to do?
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          Curt Y Level 7
          In edit>camera raw there is a check box on opening raw files in jpeg or not.
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            Heiner Strentzsch Level 1
            That is part of the problem. There is no menu entry for Camera Raw. In photoshop of course i can select it in the preferences, but i don't want to open jpgs everytime with camera raw.
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              You make that change in the Bridge preferences, not the Photoshop preferences. If you cannot find it, if you hold down the shift key while you double-click your JPEG image, it will bypass ACR and open directly in Photoshop. Or, you can highlight your JPEG image in Bridge and press Ctrl/O and it will open in Photoshop.
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                Heiner Strentzsch Level 1
                No chance, in preferences there is no Camera Raw in the list. Bridge doesn't reckognize Camera Raw at all. The reason could be my special constellation, describe above.
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                  Heiner & Jim,

                  I have the same problem and have had. Today, I finally reinstalled Windows from scratch, and installed Photoshop with Bridge just to see what would happen and had the same issue.

                  Bridge->Edit->Preferences->General In the Behavior section all that appears is Number of Recent Items to Display. Raw does not show up anywhere in any Bridge menus.

                  Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF files on the Thumbnails tab also has no effect. Raw works fine in Photoshop but not Bridge.

                  This must be a known issue as I have seen it posted on other forums. And, it used to work under CS2.

                  Any solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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                    JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                    This is a puzzling challenge for which I have no solution. For some reason, on very rare occasions, I will try to open an image in ACR and the option in Bridge is completely missing. But it seems to be on an individual image basis. I can click on another image and all the options are there. I realize that you have probably tried all of these different methods, but just as kind of a double check:

                    1. Click on one of your images in Bridge and then press Ctrl/R.
                    2. Right-click on one of your images. Open in Camera Raw should be an option.
                    3. In Photoshop, do a File/Open As and select camera raw. This should open a JPEG image in ACR.

                    If none of these options work for you, then apparently have the bug that Adobe cannot seem to replicate. If that is the case then I suppose you can only hope that they will resolve the issue in CS4.
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                      Level 1
                      Here is what I did after hours of trying:
                      (1) Cut the Camera raw plug-in from the suggested directory, e.g .../Common Files/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS3/File Format
                      (2) Paste previously cut Camera Raw plug-in into Bridge's Plug-in directory
                      (3) Start Bridge, 'open' raw file, of course this time PS will complain it can not find the plug-in.
                      (4) Close Bridge and copy camera raw and paste it to PS's /plug-ins/File Formats/ directory
                      (5) Start bridge again, and this time you may still no 'Open with camera raw' option, in this case just open a raw file in PS and leave it open in PS
                      (6) Go back to Bridge, right click on a raw file and, in my case, the damn option was right there!

                      This is what I did in exact order.
                      Maybe the point is to move Camera raw plug-in from "Common File" to both Bridge and PS own plug-in directory.
                      I'm so tired to figure that out, maybe someday I'll uninstall them all and play with it all over again, bu for now, I'll leave that.

                      Have a good night, guys.
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                        I am suddenly and mysteriously having the same problem:

                        I can open .NEF files in PS CS2 but not from Bridge.

                        ACR 3.7 was in the Common files... folder. I tried deleting it from there and copying the ACR plug-in into both the Bridge and PS Plug-Ins/File Formats folders. PS still opens .NEF but Bridge still does not.

                        I have remnant of CS3 still lurking around from an aborted and canceled CS2 upgrade to CS3. I know I have the correct version of ACR for CS2.

                        As usual with my Adobe SW, this stuff happens when I'm up against a deadline tomorrow noon. HELP!!!
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                          Level 1
                          I uninstalled and then reinistalled Bridge 1.0 and that seems to have fixed the problem.

                          You have to drill down into the CS2 CD to find the installer for Bridge 1.0. It is not exposed on the regular the CS2 install menus.

                          ADOBE: you lost me as a customer as a result of a horribly failed and disastrous CS3 upgrade and roll back. I'll never upgrade from CS2 and I'll never buy another Adobe product. You seem to not understand the most basic concept: professionals need tools they can rely on to work. I can find work arounds for anything if I can count on my tools. Broken and flawed tools, however, cannot be relied on to do anything and they wind up in the trash.
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                            I had the same problem of not be able to open a raw file(and jpg) directly from Bridge. I did not have ACR loaded in the correct folder. You might try copying ACR to another folder in the Bridge directory. I have forgotten what the correct folder.

                            Sam Gay
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                              John Joslin Level 6
                              The ACR plug-in should be here and nowhere else!

                              C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plugins\CS3\File Formats.

                              You need to have all the right boxes ticked in Bridge and Photoshop preferences.
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                                My Bridge does not give option to open in ACR, even though when I double click a .jpg file it opens in ACR. This does not happen when I double click a tif file - it opens in PS CS3.

                                I can open Tif files in ACR only from within PS "Open as..."

                                Also, tif files don't display a thumbnail in Bridge unless I rename them (leaving the extension unchanged).

                                I have uninstalled Bridge and CS3, reinstalled and updated. Updated ACR too. Purged the cache many times.

                                Looks like lots of people having same/similar problems.

                                Hey, Adobe! Any comments or help?

                                ADDITIONAL INFO: I just went to the ACR plugin Win: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS3\File Formats\
                                and double clicked on the CameraRaw.8bi file and now I can open Tif files in ACR by double clicking them just like I can with jpgs, even though there is no right click menu option to open in ACR.
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                                  Same problem here... There is no "Open with camera Raw" in Bridge. I can only open using Camera Raw throught PS CS3. Tried every step in this post.

                                  Tried too to reinstall Adobe PS + Bridge. No success...

                                  Adobe: any light in the end of this tunnel?

                                  Thanks in advance for any help...
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                                    hrh gracie Level 1
                                    Well John, THANKS FOR THE VERY DEFINITE STATEMENT...  But if the software actually WORKED, we WOULDN'T BE TRYING TO PUT camera raw files all over the <bleeping> box to try to get this working.<br /><br />I had CS2 and CS3 installed on the laptop.  Uninstlled CS2 and it screwed CS3.  SO, I reinstalled CS3, and OF COURSE, lost the ability to open RAWs in Bridge.  And I'D LOVE to "have all the right boxes checked" BUT THERE IS NO CHECK BOX IN BRIDGE PREFERENCES FOR TELLING IT TO "Edit Camera Raw Settings in Bridge"......<br /><br />And YES, I've reset Bridge, REINSTALLED CS3 AGAIN, purged all the cache, and tried a half dozen other things - INCLUDING the "move the camera raw file all over the place" note above.  WITH NO RESOLUTION.<br />There is NO choice on the context menu to open the file in Bridge.<br /><br />This has been going on for months, and as near as I can tell, there's nobody at Adobe doing much about it.  Would SOMEBODY please get us a FIX FOR THIS 'cause it was annoying the first time it happened, and its gotten real old now...
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                                      Curt Y Level 7
                                      Might also take a look at this thread on the grayed out option to "open in camera raw". Has a solution that has worked for some.

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                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                        Read the page linked below in its entirety and follow the instructions exactly. Make sure you have removed all instances of Camera Raw.8bi previously.

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                                          Level 1
                                          I had this problem March 22, hacked it, but I'm back because yesterday I discovered it had happened again while on location at a shoot. As a professional, I can't afford to rely on tools that keep breaking. So I'm switching to Photo Mechanic TODAY. Adios Adobe!

                                          Despite grinding down a complete Adobe and MS deinstall of CS3, there are still CS3 folders lurking around on my system. So I suspect we're getting clobbered by an Adobe Update that is being pump faked by a buggy CS3 install/deinstall. Who knows what is happening. I no longer care.

                                          John, I (along with many others) have read the "link in it's entirety and followed the instructions exactly." It didn't solve the problem or I (at least) wouldn't be here taking up everyone's precious time and bandwidth. We've all reached the stage of desperation well beyond that one reaches when an admonishment to "read the directions" is helpful.
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                                            John Joslin Level 6
                                            > John, I (along with many others) have read the "link in it's entirety

                                            Fair enough. A lot of people apparently didn't follow the instructions.

                                            If you are really giving up on Photoshop you won't care, but there is a CS3 clean-up script on the Adobe web site for such cases and running this, followed by a "manual" check for Adobe detritus will normally permit a good install.

                                            You can then disable automatic updates (like I do for everything).

                                            Having said that, Adobe installers are very intolerant towards a lot of the stuff that some people have running on their work machines.
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                                              hrh gracie Level 1
                                              OK, I've now tried the sledgehammer approach... Uninstalled CS3 AGAIN, for about the 5th time. Then ran the old (and as far as I can find, ONLY) cleanup script for CS3. THEN went through all the adobe directories on every disk of the machine and deleted them. And the common files AND the Documents and Settings directories... So, unless CS3 is STILL leaving garbage in some mystical location where neither its uninstall nor the cleanup script, NOR my searching can find them, this machine is about as clean as I know how ot make it before a re-install...

                                              And re-installed CS3 from the original media AGAIN.... Which puts some ancient version of camera raw in a subdirectory of the common files tree....... And of Bridge......

                                              And, true to form, I HAVE NO PREFERENCE TO TURN ON raw CONVERSION FROM BRIDGE. No updates, no changes, no NOTHING. Just an install from the original media.....

                                              So, I installed Bridge 2.0. And STILL got no RAW Converter from Bridge...

                                              So, I installed Bridge 2.1.... And, you guessed it, STILL nothing...

                                              Oh, and John, my reading comprehension is quite good. And I've READ the notes in THEIR ENTIRETY. THEY DO NOT FIX THE PROBLEM....

                                              NOW would somebody over at Adobe PLEASE get us a SOLUTION FOR THIS? I know you're the 800 pound gorilla, but do you guys at Adobe have ANY idea how much stupid crap like this makes people using these products FERVENTLY hope some other company will come up with a Photoshop killer so we can switch instead of spending months trying to get this kind of incredibly annoying garbage fixed?
                                              (I'll let everyone else add the vulgarities where they'd like)...
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                                                John Joslin Level 6
                                                Did you ever ask yourself, "Why is this happening on my computer and not on the tens of thousands of computers running Bridge without problems?"?
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                                                  hrh gracie Level 1
                                                  Its always convenient to blame the user instead of fixing the problem, but did YOU ever ask yourself "Why is this happening on <pick your greater-than-zero number> of computers?"  Or "Why did it work on this computer and now, after having to reinstall CS3, it doesn't?  This isn't the only post in here about the problem, nor the only forum on the Internet where this has come up.  So, when somebody over there gets tired of trying to deflect or ignore the problem, could we insignificant users who are having the problem please get a SOLUTION?
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                                                    JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                                    It seems to me that at this point, our only hope is that the CS4 version of Bridge will be better. Then we will just have to identify the problems in that version in hopes that Adobe will fix them in the next release. I don't think we will see any more fixes for Bridge 2.x.
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                                                      Curt Y Level 7
                                                      The problems with the "SOLUTION" is that all computers have different hardware and software that makes an almost infinite combination of problems. If the software works as designed on 98%? of the computers then it is probably judged a success by the company. With the 2%? of the users that are having problems it is extremely frustrating, but if the software was tweeked to work with their computer most likely other users would experience problems.

                                                      The challenge for the user experiencing problems that others don't have is to figure out where the conflict is, and this is no easy task. Some great mind needs to design a "Find the *&^$@(!* Problem" software.

                                                      One solution is to have all computers have the same software, hardware, and OS. Oh wait, that was how Apple started isn't it?
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                                                        Level 1
                                                        I don't think it has anything to do with specific hardware configurations or installations of other software.

                                                        My suspicion is that for those of us struggling with CS2->CS3->CS2 roll-back and multiple installs/reinstalls/deinstalls... then trying clearing out folders, deleting folders, moving or copying files... clean up scripts yada yada... all to no avail...

                                                        Something has corrupted Adobe-specifc keys in our Registry along the way. And none of the Adobe "fixes" have zeroed in on resetting the right registry key(s) at the right stage of the install/recovery/repair process.

                                                        I have no idea where to even begin to fix that. Adobe Updater still thinks I have CS3 installed (it keeps trying to install updates for CS3) even though I've ran through all the usual deinstall/cleanup steps.

                                                        It has to do with how Adobe was initially installed, then an upgrade goes awry and doesn't recovery gracefully, then subsequent attempts make matters worse... all buried in the Registry in a way we can't sort out for ourselves.

                                                        My guess. I'm trialing PhotoMechanic and BreezeBrowser Pro instead of wasting more time trying to figure it out.
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                                                          BedtymeBear Level 2
                                                          This is a user-to-user forum. If you would like to notify Adobe of the problem you are having, use the information on the following page to contact them:


                                                          Most of the key factors about this issue have been noted, but I will summarize and add as I am able.

                                                          - I am assuming that everyone here is talking about CS3 Bridge, and so the following information has been tailored to the current version.

                                                          - In my experience, to have Camera Raw features in Bridge, you must have installed Photoshop, a Creative Suite, or After Effects; installing Bridge with any other program will not include this feature.

                                                          - The Camera Raw plug-in (Camera Raw.8bi) should be installed to the common files directory (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS3\File Formats), and all other instances of the plug-in should be removed. Also note that having any other files in this common files directory, including an .EXE file or a .DLL, can prevent the plug-in from loading.

                                                          - Verify that Bridge is up-to-date with version In addition to this update, Bridge requires that you have installed the Version Cue 3.1.0 Client update and the Asset Services 3.1.0 update for it to run correctly. All of these updates can be obtained through Adobe Updater (Help->Updates in Photoshop) or on the following page:


                                                          - Check that you are running the latest version of Camera Raw. At the time of this writing, it was 4.4.1.

                                                          - If you can access it, and you are having problems opening TIFF or JPEG images in Camera Raw, open the Camera Raw preferences (under the Edit menu). Make sure the two options on the bottom are checked ("Always open JPEGs..." and "Always open TIFFs...").

                                                          - Try enabling the following options in the Bridge preferences and then restart the application before trying again:
                                                          Click Edit--Preferences...
                                                          Under the General section, check the "Double-Click Edits Camera Raw Settings in Bridge" option.
                                                          Under the Thumbnails section, check the "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF Files" option.

                                                          - Try resetting the Bridge preferences and cache to see if that resolves the issue. To do this, hold down CTRL when you launch Bridge, check all three options in the Reset Settings dialog, then click OK.

                                                          - Try Steps 3, 4, and 11 in the following document:


                                                          - Create a new user account on the computer, log out of your current one, log into the new one, and then see if the Camera Raw items in Bridge function correctly there. If you are in an office environment, create a local account that does not log onto the network domain. (You may have to contact your IT department to have rights to create local accounts.)
                                                          If you current user account in Windows is a "standard" or "limited" then compare to how it works in an administrator account. If it does not function in an existing admin account, create a new admin account and try it.

                                                          I hope this was of some assistance.
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                                                            Level 1
                                                            I just downloaded Photoshop CS3 for the first time. The camera raw plug-in is in comomon files etc. -- where it should be. I have the very latest version of Bridge (today's) and the very latest version of camera raw (4.5) I am at home not in an office and have a Intel centrino dual processor-based Toshiba laptop with plenty of memory of all kinds.

                                                            I went into Bridge CS3 and got some raw files (CR2). The raw files option in bridge is GREYED OUT and when I double click a raw file (or try to open it in other ways), it takes me to Photoshop CS3 which tells me that "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of file".

                                                            Any solutions? This is my 30-day trial starting today and, if not, I don't buy this and tell all my friends and acqaintances, many of whom are photographers and artists, not to either. Based on the threads here that I have read, I do not have much hope.
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                                                              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                                                              If you activate the "Prefer Camera Raw for JPEG......" option you can still open a JPEG image without going through Camera Raw by highlighting the image and then pressing Ctrl+0 (that is the letter O). And (I think) you can also hold down the shift key while you double-click a JPEG image and it will bypass Camera Raw.


                                                              The first thing I would suggest would be to hold down the Ctrl key while you start Bridge. A dialog will appear that will allow you to reset your preferences. Choose all three options then proceed. That has reportedly resolved this issue for some people.
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                                                                Level 1
                                                                Based on going round and round with this issue there are three possible forms this takes:

                                                                1. The ACR file is in the wrong place
                                                                2. Bridge options have been set improperly
                                                                3. Some sort of a installation snafu between CS2 and CS3.

                                                                The third is the nut. Based on the *unresolved* posts in this forum, it seems the common thread to those of us living with this unresolved problem is that some sort of conflict gets created when CS2 either remains installed and a later version of CS3 is installed then "updated" or CS2 is uninstalled subsequent to an updated CS3 install.
                                                                In my particular case, I had a current CS2 install, then later installed CS3, then installed the online CS3 updates and got seriously hosed. I uninstalled everything, installed CS2 again, and everything is fine. However, if I ever let Adobe Updater install a new version of Bridge I get hosed again. So Adobe Updater is now off and I'm on the original CD version of CS2.

                                                                The first two are relatively easy to chase down and get right. I'm sure Adobe assumes this is the root of the problem. Its not. We're not all idiots here. And BTW Laszlo, Adobe doesn't give a flying flip about your negative word-of-mouth campaign. We've got people in these forums screaming, threatening, begging and pleading for any sort of a hint vowel or patch to assist with this problem and they don't even bother to post a reply.
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                                                                  Level 1
                                                                  thx jim. The point is i want to open raw files so i can use them to create HDR photos. I do not want to open jpeg files which i have no trouble opening in photoshop anyhow.

                                                                  Fried i get your drift. I never had CS2 installed on this computer so not an issue
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                                                                    Level 1
                                                                    Jim. i tried your suggestions. No cigar. All I want to do is to open a raw file in a RAW converter like Adobe Camera Raw, save 5 exposures of the same image, convert those 5 images into jpegs or tifs, use another tool to combines these 5 images into a single HDR image, then use tone mapping to create the final output. Alternatively i want to start with 5 original RAW exposures of the same subject and follow the same steps.

                                                                    That is mainly why i went to Adobe. But if i cannot do step one, i am screwed.
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                                                                      JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                                                      You have to take different exposures. The Photoshop HDR feature requires that. If you take your multiple images, and then set up Photoshop properly, you should be able to do exactly what you want to do.
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                                                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                                                        Did you follow the instructions for installing ACR 4.5 exactly ie move the old plug-in right out of that directory before placing the new on in there?

                                                                        If you didn't, that will cause your problem.
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                                                                          I'm not totally clear on the issue, but I do know that once you have openened a particular JPEG in Camera RAW, it will always do so in the future.
                                                                          I have not personally tried to fix the issue, but I do know that if I then export the JPEG from the RAW converter to a duplicate JPEG, the resulting JPEG will again open in PS3 as normal. Hope that's clear...
                                                                          Good Luck!
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                                                                            Level 1
                                                                            Addition to last post:
                                                                            When I first open and edit a JPEG in Camera RAW, instead of clicking on the Open or Done buttons, I will oftentimes hold down the ALT key while clicking the Open button. This will change the Open option to "Open Copy" and keep the JPEG associated with its original application.
                                                                            • 35. Re: No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3
                                                                              Level 1
                                                                              Lorrin: perhaps it is my lack of knowledge. When I expose an image with my camera, the result is two files of the same image. One is a RAW image file, while the other is a JPEG image file. I simply wanted to open the RAW file in PS3, not the JPEG file. Am I not understanding something? Am I doing something I should not be doing?
                                                                              • 36. Re: No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3
                                                                                Level 1
                                                                                I want to open RAW files in PS3 because I want to work on RAW files not JPEG files.
                                                                                • 37. Re: No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3
                                                                                  Level 1
                                                                                  It sounds like your Windows file associations may not be how you want them.
                                                                                  If you right click on a JPEG in Windows Explorer and go to Properties, you shoud have an option "Opens With:". Click the Change button and select "Adobe Photoshop CS3".
                                                                                  I think the only reason a RAW file would open in any other application is if your camera came with its own application, in which case you would want to do the above on a RAW file in Windows Explorer, or uninstall the other application altogether.
                                                                                  At work, I use Bridge as my file explorer when working with RAWs (so I have thumbnails). In this case, I simply select any/all RAW files I want to edit (selecting multiple files using the CTRL or SHIFT keys) and press CTRL+R, which opens the RAWs in the CS3 RAW converter.
                                                                                  All of my JPEGs (even those produced simply as a duplicate to the RAW by my camera) open with the application I have set in my Windows properties dialog, unless of course I have previously opened them in the RAW converter.
                                                                                  Hope I am understanding and hope that helps?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3
                                                                                    John Joslin Level 6

                                                                                    Why don't you set your camera to shoot raw only?
                                                                                    • 39. Re: No Camera Raw Support in Bridge CS3
                                                                                      Level 1
                                                                                      I use mainly a Leica Digilux 2 for shooting RAW and for some reason it automatically produces a duplicate JPEG - I'm assuming it uses it for in-camera previews. I rarely use the JPEG but have not bothered searching for a setting to do away with it.
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