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        Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
        I would like to have the System Tray (Windows) available when RAW is on screen. At the moment, RAW takes over the entire screen, which at first seemed reasonable, as we get the largest image possible, but when I am trying out a suggestion from these pages, I want to be able to go back and forth, Info to RAW.
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          John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
          Have you tried taking it out of full-screen mode? Click on the icon next to the Preview checkbox.
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            Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
            Yep, that works. Thanks!

            I still would like to see that tray at full screen. Photoshop shows it. If I don't want it, I can disable it.
            • 363. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
              Please add additional color profile options for use in ACR. It would be great if ACR could access all the profiles in the system just like photoshop, instead of the 4 that are predefined. I prefer a visually linear tone curve (as opposed to a gamma tone curve) in my working space profile and it would be great if I could use that in ACR instead of converting to it later.
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                Yammer Level 4
                Please can I have automatic chromatic aberration correction?

                I guess that if it can be done by eye it can be done by software too.
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                  Dinarius Level 1
                  Unless I'm mistaken, it is not possible to save Retouch Tool selections in Save Settings.

                  It would be grate if that were possible.

                  At the moment, when I move between folders of images, I have to copy across an image from a previously edited folder in order to apply the Retouch Tool selections.

                  Simply being able apply saved settings would be great.


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                    Dinarius Level 1
                    In the bottom left hand corner of the Bridge window there is a scroll wheel/% indicator telling you the progress status of whatever it is you are making Bridge do to a folder of images.

                    No such indicator is present in the Adobe Camera Raw window.

                    Thus, if you open an entire folder of images in ACR in order to batch apply some change to them, you have to scroll down through the images to see if the little yellow triangle has disappeared from all of them, in order to know that the task is complete. A wee bit annoying.

                    A progress indicator would be great.

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                      Level 1
                      Create the possibility to customize CR workspace for monitor portrait mode(pivot), so the tools can be put in a horizontal colum instead of a space wasting vertical colum now, thats only used for 1/4!
                      Anyway, it is amazing that such an important modern app. is still working with such an client unfriendly poor amateuristic interface.
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                        Naughty Nigel
                        I use ACR 4.1.1 extensively for sorting and rating images.

                        Why are the corresponding *.xmp files not always deleted when I delete the camera raw file?

                        I now have thousands of these files cluttering up the server.

                        It would be handy if Adobe could provide a simple utility to find and (optionally) delete orphaned XMP files.
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                          Naughty Nigel Level 1
                          Thinking on.....

                          I would also like to be able to open Nikon scanner files (NEF) in ACR. I can open them in Windoze preview, but not in Photoshop.
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                            MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                            Nigel ... CR is designed to process camera raw files (hence the name "Camera Raw"). Scanner files, useful as they may be, fall outside the scope of CR.
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                              John MacLean Level 1

                              Just use DNG and you won't have to sweat the xmp files ever again.
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                                Marco N. Level 1
                                One of the missing feature of ACR is a navigator window.
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                                  Peter DL Level 1

                                  This proposal refers to the Recovery slider in ACR.
                                  I would like to have more control(s) with this feature
                                  i.e. Amount, Tonal Width and maybe Color Correction (saturation)
                                  such as given with the Shadow/Highlights tool in Photoshop.

                                  Background is as follows: ACR is capable to show 'full' highlight details when setting almost all sliders of main adjustment tab to zero (except white balance of course) and by choosing an appropriate value for the Exposure slider. Thats sometimes called a 'linear rendition'. Its not meant to deliver an overall pleasing image, but it can be informative regarding single aspects.
                                  Now, when we raise the main tone curve (resulting from Brightness + Contrast functions) e.g. to standard Brightness 50 + Contrast 25, data are compressed beneath the upper shoulder of this S-curve. Hence, highlight details, contrast as well as saturation are easily getting lost.

                                  The Recovery slider seems to try to undo such damage which already happened earlier in the processing chain. I would assume that its based on a gradual selection of pixel (or mask) combined with some sort of darkening curve. However, I dont know about its mechanics, and its not really relevant here.
                                  In practice, I often find that theres a quite high amount of Recovery needed to regain 'full' highlight details (as initially seen with said 'linear output') which then has a too strong influence down to the midtones. Recovery tends to darken the light midtones as well which is not necessarily desired. So its easy to run into a back and forth with all other sliders effecting tonality (including the curve tab)

                                  With the S/H tool in Photoshop, the Tonal Width (of selected pixel, as I assume again) can be pulled down to very low values and even to zero which isnt actually zero as the results prove. Together with an appropriate Amount of lets say between 20 to 80%,
                                  highlight recovery in fact stays limited to the highlights. For example the details of white clouds, etc.
                                  My feeling is that such choice of high Amount and low Tonal Width is often preferred to mirror and counteract the roll off and related side effects from a sigmoidal tone curve (needed to compensate for dynamic range compression).

                                  The latter consideration is of course subject to the image content, so Id like to keep it flexible with more control(s) as suggested above. <<


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                                    With the latest version of Camera Raw, I have been impressed my the raw conversion quality. I shoot most portraits in raw, and other images that I plan to tweak in Photoshop I usually shoot raw.

                                    Josh Vine,
                                    • 376. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                      (William_Wood) Level 1
                                      DNG - request for better embedded previews:

                                      Most of my images are Canon RAWs (CR2s) which I convert to DNG to avoid the need for XMP sidecars. I have the DNG converter embed full size JPEG previews (produces 3504x2336 previews from my 1DMkII's CR2s). The full size previews are good quality but too big for fast browsing in most software. I tried embedding medium size JPEG previews in my DNGs (1024x683 from my CR2s) - they allow fast browsing but are too small and of such low quality that I cannot use them to evaluate my images.

                                      My CR2s contain an excellent quality embedded JPEG preview (1536x1024) right out of the camera. That size preview big enough and clear enough to allow me to rate, label and select images and browsing is very fast. I wish I could embed that excellent Canon preview in my DNGs.

                                      In the alternative I wish Adobe would make the JPEG preview options in the DNG converter more flexible. It would be nice if we had a list of size and quality options so we could embed previews of the size and quality that we need. A high quality 1536x1024 option would be most welcome.


                                      Bill Wood
                                      • 377. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                        Naughty Nigel Level 1
                                        I am pleased to say that ACR 4.5 now seems to delete the XMP sidecar files when the original raw file is deleted.

                                        Thank you for this update.

                                        Is there any chance of a simple utility to find the old orphaned XMP files for deletion?

                                        Thanks again.

                                        • 378. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                          John MacLean Level 1
                                          Nigel, On my Mac I just type Command F and enter .xmp and it shows me all the files. I do create xmp versions for my presets, so I have kept my xmp files except for the CR2 files I manually converted in folders using the Adobe DNG Converter.
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                                            01af Level 1
                                            William Wood wrote:
                                            > ... which I convert to DNG to avoid the need for XMP sidecars.

                                            Well ... I love the XMP sidecar files, and even though I like DNG due to smaller file size I usually avoid converting to DNG because that would make me lose the sidecars. They are so convenient; adding or changing bulk metadata is quicker on tiny sidecar files than on clumsy DNG files, and copying updated metadata to back-up folders is much quicker, too. Also writing my own scripts and programs that handle metadata is easier with the metadata stored in XMP sidecar files.

                                            Actually, I'd like to see a mode for DNG files as well as for JPEG and TIFF files which makes them store their metadata in sidecar files rather than 'under the hood.' Sidecar files are not just a stopgap for adding read-write metadata to read-only raw files but a great feature of its own.

                                            -- Olaf
                                            • 380. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                              Naughty Nigel Level 1
                                              A further benefit is that automated backup systems only need to backup the tiny XMP files when metadata changes are made, rather than the whole RAW or DNG file.

                                              • 381. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                I would like to see a Proof Setup option (like in PS) so I could use a keyboard shortcut, or click a checkbox to see what my RAW images would look like in my preffered CMYK profile.

                                                We have a very fast workflow which is slowed by having to go back and re-edit the images once developed and edited in RGB and processed into CMYK
                                                • 382. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                  Mathias Vejerslev Level 2
                                                  I'd really like to have 'scrubby sliders' in CR, including mousewheel functionality. - To be honest, I'm a bit dissapointed this feature is not included in CR 5.0, as I thought the whole suite was updated to the same new GUI standards.
                                                  • 383. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                    Mathias Vejerslev Level 2
                                                    Meta data panel in CR. Including Bridge / Lightroom stuff, such as keywording. Pretty basic for any RAW developer, I'd say.
                                                    • 384. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                      Marco N. Level 1
                                                      What I see useful to add is at least metering type & compensation value
                                                      • 385. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                        Mathias Vejerslev Level 2
                                                        White Balance as an option in Local Adjustments. Would help with mixed lighting images that otherwise warrant a lengthy smart object / Photoshop / masking procedure.
                                                        • 386. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                          John MacLean Level 1

                                                          Lengthy indeed. But I don't think the local adjustment would be as versatile as doing independent exposures.

                                                          I've been doing a lot of the lengthy stuff lately: http://www.johnmaclean.com/blog/?p=27
                                                          • 387. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                            Mathias Vejerslev Level 2
                                                            Perfect example of a lengthy procedure :-) Great work, and no, a WB local adjustment probably wouldn't get you thus far ;-)

                                                            But for my work, mostly live performance photography, this would come in handy with stage lighting all over the place. It would require some intelligent auto masking though.
                                                            • 388. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                              1) I have a similar complaint as the person with the vertical monitor, which is lack of customizable workspace. At minimum the dialogue box on the right hand side should be moveable/customizable like the pallets in Photoshop. I use two monitors and usually keep the the main image in the left and all the pallets in the right hand monitor. It's possible to drag the window partially into the right monitor to give a bit more screen real estate, but it jumps back again every time ACR is opened.

                                                              2) It's badly missing a navigator panel like in Photoshop. If for example you are spotting, looking for CA, etc whilst at 100-300%, you need to spacebar drag and drop your way around the image, which isn't very good (bad enough with an 8MP image, but even worse with a 24MP scan). Also, with a navigator panel it would be possible to see exactly where you are.

                                                              3) Use the same shortcut keys that Photoshop uses. For example, although Page Up and Page Down navigates up and down the image OK, CTRL, ALT Page Up and Page Down doesn't let you navigate across the image like it does in Photoshop (left/right is better for spotting skies, etc). Also, CTRL + 0 to fit image to screen doesn't work if you use the numeric keypad, you need to use the 0 along the top of the keyboard instead (same goes with CTRL Alt + 0 for 100% view).

                                                              4) Better renaming in the Save options. The same goes for the stand-alone DNG convertor, which is also rubbish in this regard (in fact, I think it's exactly the same from memory). Use the same options that are in Bridges batch rename tool, which give much better flexibility and control. As an example, say you have a load of RAW files you want to convert to DNG. You find the folder, select the files in Bridge, click them (which opens them in ACR), select all, save as DNG, but there's no useful options for renaming. This means that you then have to batch rename them afterwards using Bridge's batch rename tool, when it could have been done in one hit. As it is, it doesn't even allow you to use the date the image was taken or add any custom text. All it does is give you options for parts of the serial number and today's date, which lets face it, are poor choices for photo file names.

                                                              5) Add preserve details slider to noise reduction area to mask edges/areas of detail? I must admit, I don't do noise reduction in ACR I do it in Photoshop, but to me it's logical to have a slider to preserve edges/details like in the reduce noise filter.

                                                              6) One last thing, which is only very minor, is in the workflow options. It gives the option to change the image size and resolution, why not show the print size so that you don't have to work it out in your head.
                                                              • 389. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
                                                                aaabbb, most of your complaints - 1) 2) 4) - are addressed in Lightroom.
                                                                • 390. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                                                                  Also, #5 is handled automatically.
                                                                  • 391. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                    It would be very nice if ACR could be started from a simple Adobe-provided wrapper that is independent of Bridge which sort of works like a "nano Bridge" (at least in the context of processing raw/jpg files). I would see this working in the following way:

                                                                    1. the little wrapper application opens a directory containing images which may be raw, tiff, jpg, etc.

                                                                    2. all files in this directory are examined and the file list is passed to ACR - probably following the conventions that are used by Bridge. I assume this list of files is in some sort of temporary work file. Of course, a file selection window might be useful - however is not truly necessary because of the excellent ACR thumbs.

                                                                    3. ACR opens the files just as though the file list were passed from Bridge.

                                                                    There are multiple reasons for this.

                                                                    1. cache files from Bridge are always built in the currently defined cache directory. Very often, this is not a desired operation. For example, if the images are in copied from a master directory into a temporary working directory. This puts unnecessary noise in the master cache that should be deleted and also may impact the limitation of 500,000 images in the bridge master cache.

                                                                    Here is a workflow to illustrate: I have 1000 images of useful images in a directory. Of these, I copy 200 images (that I wish to send to my client) into a temporary directory. I start Bridge on this temporary directory and select all images for raw processing in ACR. After ACR processing (thank heaven that ACR is a "mini-photoshop"), the images are saved as JPG files in a new directory. These JPG files are sent to the client. I then copy the ACR generated xml files to my original image directory. At this point, I now have unnecessary Bridge cache entries that are useless, as far as I am concerned. The little wrapper programme effectively replaces Bridge as a mechanism to invoke ACR.

                                                                    2. If such a simple wrapper application were available, it could be conveniently used in conjunction with other programmes. For example, if PhotoMechanic is used to choose 20 files, these files could be opened in ACR simply by passing the file list to the wrapper application. This would significantly speed up image processing when you are shooting some event and need to immediately process some selected images for transmission on the www. For example, shooting 400 images at a show jumping competition, choosing and processing 10 images for ftp to the newspaper and then returning to the shooting. I tried Lightroom - but that certainly is an inappropriate piece of software for this type of work (imo).

                                                                    3. You could drag-and-drop a few images from Windows Explorer directory view of thumbnails and immediately pass them to ACR - avoiding Bridge.
                                                                    • 392. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                      Level 1
                                                                      >I have 1000 images of useful images in a directory. Of these, I copy 200 images (that I wish to send to my client) into a temporary directory.

                                                                      Why the heck would you copy the files to a temp folder, process them then copy the sidecar files back to the original folder? Why not just work on the 200 or so files from their original location and bypass all the copying?

                                                                      Either something doesn't add up or you're not making your case very well. If you don't like Bridge-fine there is an alternative version of Camera Raw called Lightroom. But what you are asking for really isn't in the cards so the best bet is to work on improving YOUR workflow rather than hope for changes that won't happen...
                                                                      • 393. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                        Level 1
                                                                        I never said I did not like Bridge (don't know where you got that impression) - in fact I use on a regular basis. I have well over 400,000 images currently in my bridge cache. However, it is not necessarily the best for all seasons. Lightroom does not meet my needs as well - I tried that option.

                                                                        Humm I though that the purpose of this discussion was to ask for features in ACR that will improve my, and hopefully others, workflow. My apologies for making such an obviously inappropriate request and should have known before hand that this was one of those "changes that won't happen".
                                                                        • 394. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                          Level 1
                                                                          > I though that the purpose of this discussion was to ask for features in ACR that will improve my, and hopefully others, workflow.

                                                                          Again, you need to make your case...and based on your post I don't think you've done that. Again, WHY would you copy 200 files into a separate folder, process them then copy the sidecar files bak to the original folder?

                                                                          Features are designed to solve use cases...you need to make your case.
                                                                          • 395. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                            Level 1
                                                                            Here is an example. My second camera at a wedding just shot 2500 raw images over two days. I copy these from the CF card to a working directory. Processing these in Bridge is a "long" process. PhotoMechanic is VERY SIGNIFICANTLY faster at processing raw images than bridge for simple image selection.

                                                                            From these 2500 images, I select maybe 200 that I wish to include on the customer CD. I copy these images to my client's working directory.

                                                                            If Bridge were used, all 2500 raw images would be added to the cache - and effectively pollute the cache files with "useless" information. These cannot be conveniently removed by the cleanup operations since I have 400,000 plus images that have to be "examined" in my master cache - even to scan these images for possible cleanup will take Bridge a day of processing. Not only that, previous CS3 versions of Bridge had problems in this area. Fortunately, CS4 bridge has fixed some of the problems I identified before.

                                                                            Again, read the original request for a sample of working at a sporting event in which a small selection of images must be done "very quickly" from a large selection. In many cases, SPEED is of the essence - and Bridge / Lightroom are designed for flexibility and features - NOT speed. That is why software such as PhotoMechanic exist (and have done so since the late 1990s).
                                                                            • 396. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                              troyhark Level 1
                                                                              I have to agree with Jeff, you are not using Bridge's workflow to your advantage.
                                                                              Simply leave images where they are and label/rate/keyword the images you want in your shortlist, then tick the attribute you have given them in filter panel and you'll see just those annotated files.
                                                                              Much easier than moving them temporarily and then moving the .xmps back.
                                                                              • 397. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                                troyhark Level 1
                                                                                Bridge CS4 is much faster than CS3 [which was a dog] and CS4 is even faster if browsing using embedded images, which is what Photo Mechanic does to gain its speed - it doesn't actually process the RAW images.

                                                                                Also you can clear the cached images from a folder by rebuilding cache for that folder if you've emtied it.
                                                                                • 398. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                                  Level 1
                                                                                  If you set Bridge to only use the embedded previews, then Bridge CS4 is close to the speed of PM. Tagging the images you need to process out should be pretty easy...picking by rank or label would allow you to keep all the files together for a project without the copying back and forth. You could even rank in PM and have that picked up by Bridge CS4. Then either use the batch Save of Camera Raw (with CS4 Camera Raw can handle 1K of images loaded) and save out selected JPEG right from Camera Raw or use Image Processor or Photoshop Batch to process out the sub-take.

                                                                                  I think you need to examine YOUR workflow to improve it (endless copying of files and sidecars is NOT efficient). But the motivation to produce a low overhead version of Camera Raw that operated without Bridge or Photoshop is not likely because of your use case and the business model that would be required. There's only so much engineering hours available on the Camera Raw team and they are heads down working on the Camera Raw plug-in for Bridge and Photoshop and the Camera Raw processing pipeline for Lightroom. A stripped down version just ain't in the cards.
                                                                                  • 399. Re: + Camera Raw Feature Requests +
                                                                                    I'd really like to see support for the chdk Canon firmware RAW format. Right now I have to use a separate program to convert the RAW files to DNG's that CR can open.
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