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    The Adobe CS3 Workflow...


      I'm starting to build RIAs with the Adobe product family. I've already made a Flex site and I've been playing with Flash and actionscript before but I have some questions concerning the Adobe CS3 workflow.
      If I see it correct, the design phase for a website (and a logo) is best done using Photoshop (bitmap-based) or illustrator (vector-based). Next the design is treated in flash (using the Flash Authoring tool) to add animation and interactivity (with preserved layered structure). The result is an animated website design, which can be converted to Flex components (using the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3). These components can be used in my (flex-based) actionscript project to couple the front-end to the back-end using Flex functionality.

      - Is this simplified impression correct?
      - What are the advantages of bitmap-based assets over vector-based assets? And the disadvantages? When to use which style?
      - What should be handled within the Flash area and when should Flex kick in?
      - What's the best strategy to enrich the Flash design with Flex functionality? Should I just convert my animated Flash assets to Flex components and is Flex responsible for integrating the Photoshop (or Illustrator) design with these Flash components on the one hand and the server-side back-end on the other hand?
      - What are the advantages of using the Flash Authoring tool? Can I avoid using it and achieve the same by just using the Flash display architecture directly in actionscript (and mixed with Flex)? Or can I 'export' the Flash assets (created using the Flash Authoring tool) to an actionscript project with the purpose to add the Flex functionality?
      - Is it possible to integrate Flash-based Actionscript (following the Flash display architecture) with Flex-based actionscript (following the UIcomponent display architecture)?
      - Are there good tutorials explaining the 'preferred' RIA design workflow?

      Sorry for my ignorance but I’m having trouble understanding the big picture. Especially, when to use Flex and when to use Flash and how to integrate them (using actionscript?) is unclear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



      PS: I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this discussion so please move the post when not appropriate…