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    Corrupted images

    jugenjury Level 2
      I'm having a problem that is driving me nuts. I've seen similar problems in the forums, but I don't think they are the same problem or maybe I'm just coming into the problem a different way.

      I have a Canon Rebel XTi and regardless of whether I shoot in raw or jpg format, I get the same problem. My computer runs Windows Vista Premium and is only 1 year old with 2 GB ram. When opening the images in Adobe CS3 software (Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop) I get image corruption in approximately 1 out of every 40 images. If I open the same image (same file, not a copy) in another image viewing/editing program, the image appears fine and I can edit and save it with no problems. If I use Adobe, the image will save as it is opened, corrupted. This happens whether I download directly from the camera through a USB cable or from the card using the computer's built-in card reader, and makes no difference what software I use to transfer the images...Windows Explorer to copy, Adobe Bridge to import, Canon's import software, etc. If I re-download the images (not just the corrupted, but all in the set), sometimes the corrupted images will then open fine in Adobe, but other random images will then be corrupted. If I open the file in another program first and resave it, Adobe will open it fine. The problem with that is I want to use Adobe's Camera Raw to process the raw format of the image and not a converted jpg.

      To anticipate some possible troubleshooting tips from people, here are some of the things I have tried...

      1. Bought a new CF card from Circuit City and tried using that.
      2. Transferred the images to my laptop (Win XP)....no problems noticed. However, I rarely use my laptop to process images with Adobe so I'm not sure if it happens there also.
      3. Uninstalled my Creative Suite and re-installed
      4. Updated all drivers for my computer
      5. Turned off all unnecessary software including any anti-virus or similar programs.
      6. Tried shooting in jpg only format but still have the problem.
      7. Tried different USB ports on my computer for transfer.
      8. Format card in the camera after each session.

      I've tried so many things that I can't remember them all, but these are the most likely culprits other than a software problem itself or something I'm overlooking.

      To see what the photos look like, go to the following link where I have 2 images shown in both good version and corrupted version. The good images and corrupted images were processed (color adjustments, resizing, etc.) from the same files on the hard drive using different programs (Irfan_View for the good images and Adobe for the corrupted images).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Can you post one of your "corrupted" raw files?
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            jugenjury Level 2

            I honestly don't believe the raw files themselves are corrupted since they open fine in other programs and it's hit or miss as to which end up being corrupted in Adobe's Camera Raw program. I can, however, upload those 2 raw images in a zip file. It will be at the following link once it uploads (20 MB):


            Thanks, Eric
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              Panoholic Level 2
              The raw files are corrupted, no question about it; see http://www.panopeeper.com/Demo/MikeSerafin_AdobeForum_5489_corruption.GIF (it shows the error starting at the same location as it is apparent with ACR). The error is at different locations in the two posted raw files.

              The embedded JPEG preview is intact, that's why some programs can display the "raw file".

              Possible reasons IMO:

              - a fault in the camera's memory,

              - firmware error; this is version 1.1.1; check out if there is a newer or older one on Canon's site.
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                michael shaffer Level 1
                Mike ... I cannot imagine it being the camera's memory if you can download the image a 2nd time and it's ok. Until you figure out the exact problem, you can use Bridge's preview of the raw file to reliably indicate if the image is corrupted ... and then download it again.

                Altho it's difficult to believe the problem could exist with a year-old computer, given what you've tried, I'd suspect the USB driver or internal USB hardware. I've seen it before, but that was USB 1!

                HTH :)
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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                  I agree with G Sch. The raw image data in the files are corrupted. I suspect a camera problem.
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                    michael shaffer Level 1
                    > I suspect a camera problem ...

                    Although you should definitely try what you're doing with a different computer. As soon as you download a corrupted file, try the same with your laptop.
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                      jugenjury Level 2
                      Thanks guys,

                      I'm still not sure it is the camera. I would go more with a USB problem since I can transfer the files a second time and they are fine. But I won't rule that out completely.

                      The thing about the Adobe Bridge preview is all files appear fine, even those that are corrupted. They only appear corrupted when I actually open them in the Camera Raw program itself. Those I find are corrupted, I will transfer from the card again and re-open in Camera Raw. Eventually, they do open properly as can be seen with these files:

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                        John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                        Hi Mike.

                        That is normal. When you first bring the image into Bridge it shows you the built-in JPG. If your thumbnails are below a certain size it seems to always show the jpg and not build its own. Try increasing the size of the thumbnails in Bridge and see if it then shows the corruption. When I loaded your images into Bridge they looked fine until I enlarged the thumbnails (see the attached screen shot).

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                          John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                          The files in your new zip work fine in Bridge and Camera Raw. So I think that it rules out the camera or the memory card.

                          I've never used a computer with a built-in card reader. But it is messing up there, too (as well as when connecting the camera to a USB port), I'm thinking a hardware issue on the computer. Could be the USB ports on the motherboard. Or maybe a RAM issue?

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                            jugenjury Level 2
                            Thanks, John.

                            I am starting to think it is a USB problem more and more. I had the thumbnail size in Bridge set to the largest it allows and still no corruption showed up until I actually opened it in Camera Raw. I would guess it's as you say, Camera Raw doesn't build a high quality thumbnail until it's first opened in Camera Raw or I specifically choose that option for the image. I do see that there is an option in Bridge to always show the high quality thumbnails so I set that option.

                            I guess we'll see what happens.

                            Thanks for all the help.
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                              I have had the same problem and here is how I fixed.

                              Downloaded same CF card files to two different computers (both mac g5) only one was corrupting my raw files using adobe bridge and the other did not.

                              I looked at my "Raw Preferences" and made note of settings on each.

                              The one that corrupted my files had "default setting's checked" - the computer that had unchecked defaults, downloaded the same files and none uncorrupt.

                              Went back to corrupt files and deleted, cleared cache and reset the Raw Preferences un-checking all the default settings. Then redownloaded same files.
                              This time I had NO corrupt raw files. Hope this works for you.

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                                Level 1
                                well you can throw out my last post.

                                I downloaded another batch today and two files corrupted when viewed in bridge - which in turn corrupted the image when opened.

                                I then re downloaded the same card to another folder and opened in iView media and then in aperture - ALL files opened correctly with no corruption.

                                also downloaded to another computer - again no corrupt files.

                                the problem is within adobe bridge - that is the only program that corrupts my raw files.

                                anyone else have a few ideas?
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                                  jugenjury Level 2

                                  That is what I am also starting to find out. What OS are you running with your Adobe Bridge? I have Windows Vista Home Premium on mine. I'm still thinking it may be a USB problem, either the hardware itself or a driver that has an intermittent glitch when transferring a lot of data in a short time.

                                  The weird thing is, the files themselves are not corrupted until they are transferred to my desktop. I have found that if I do not use any other USB peripherals while transferring the photos, they seem to transfer better.

                                  Someone mentioned also that with other programs, they may not be reading the raw image data, but the embedded jpeg data instead, so raw corruption wouldn't show up in some other programs, even though the raw image might be corrupted.

                                  Try unplugging anything else on your USB ports and not using the USB mouse/keyboard while the transfer is going on. See if this gives you better transfers.
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                                    Level 1
                                    >Went back to corrupt files and deleted, cleared cache and reset the Raw Preferences un-checking all the default settings. Then redownloaded same files.
                                    This time I had NO corrupt raw files. Hope this works for you.

                                    Well, there is NOTHING in what you wrote that would or would not make ANY impact on the corrupted status of your images...and Iview and Aperture are not useful indicators of whether or not a raw file is corrupt. You really need to test the files against the camera maker's software. Iview will use the embedded EXIF JPEGs and until you go into the process in Aperture you aren't dealing with the raw data either.

                                    There's really nothing Camera Raw nor Bridge can do to a copied raw file that would corrupt it. There was a short time that DNG 4.4 could alter the date time captured when making DNG files but the DNG 4.4.1 update fixed that and in any event it didn't corrupt the raw files just altered the times...

                                    If you are getting image corruption then it's either the camera, the card or the transfer process...and it would behoove you to find the root cause...
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                                      Level 1
                                      here is work station / work flow.

                                      downloaded same files 3 different macs and problem g5 downloaded 2 different folders on different drives ; loaded cs2, cam canon mark IIn, sandisk cards, sandisk 800 firewire reader.

                                      1) g5 quad 2.5 6mb ram, 2 500gb HD, OSX 10.5
                                      2) g4 dual 1.25 4mb ram, 4 400gb HD, OSX 10.5
                                      3) g5 imac 2 2mb ram, 160HD, OSX 10.4.11

                                      on #1 g5- downloaded to 2 drives, second drive I did not preview any files through bridge, I can go to folder and open direct with no issue.

                                      On other folder drive 1, I opened to preview in bridge ran image processor and got good files, I then WATCHED files change from good preview to corrupt, they opened same view as thumb. see below link - this wiped full folder of raw.


                                      once that happens even if I transfer to another machine I have corrupt. But the folder untouched by bridge is fine as long as I don't open thru bridge on that machine.
                                      This only happens once in a while, not every time.

                                      I did- clear preference's from library, purged cache, reinstalled.
                                      Maybe that machine is hoaxed.
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                                        John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                                        I think that you are seeing them change from "good" to corrupt because Bridge initially shows you the built-in JPG preview before it creates a new preview from the raw data. That is the same JPG preview that the other applications are showing you. That JPG is fine. It is the raw data that is corrupted.

                                        Take a look at the screen shots in message #8. THere you can see that when Bridge is set to very small thumbnails the images look fine (using the jpg preview), but when resized to larger thumbnails it then uses the raw data and shows the corruption.

                                        What happens if you open these files in Canon's DPP software?
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                                          Level 1
                                          I know they were good when I first downloaded because I opened some and converted to jpgs. It was later when bridge was open that I started seeing them change in front of my eyes. I was baffled and opened - it was at that time they then opened matching the preview. Corrupt

                                          Now I can go to the folder where I double downloaded and those are fine as long as I open them directly in photoshop.

                                          My workflow now has me downloading and burning disk and also sending copy to external before I open in bridge. If I eliminate bridge - I have no corrupt files

                                          I like using bridge - but this creates issues and wasted time.
                                          I updated "camera raw" in photoshop but no difference.
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                                            I am having a similar issue. All my images look corrupt however, not just some. It's only on my imac that this is happening. In Bridge and Lightroom and Photoshop and DPP they all view as corrupt images. The files are there and fine flipping through the back of my camera and fine downloading to my other two computers (PC's) and as soon as it touches my mac my files on the card or the ones I downloaded become corrupt. I've been able to recover some through recover softwares though.

                                            I feel like I've tried it all...different cards, card readers, usb ports, programs to open up in. I just don't get why they are fine on my pc's and not my mac.
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                                              jugenjury Level 2
                                              Hi Nikki.

                                              Which format are you using to save your images on the camera? Raw, Raw+Jpeg, or just Jpeg?

                                              Some programs will not display the raw image, they will actually display the embedded jpeg which will make it seem like some programs are corrupting the raw images.

                                              In my case, I've tried everything and the only conclusion I can draw is that the files become corrupted during transfer from the camera/card to the computer. You may be having similar issues with your imac.

                                              When you say ALL of your images look corrupt, is it all of them every time you try? Say you try to download the same images a few times, are all of them corrupt every time? Try using your imac's file manager program to copy files from your card in a card reader to your hard drive. When you do this, try just one file and see how that works.

                                              I have made no progress on my problem. I usually have to download some photos 4 or more times before it finally saves to my hard drive OK. I wish you the best of luck, I know how frustrating it is.
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                                                Level 1
                                                Recently I tracked farther and used tech tools to do system test.
                                                I found that I had a bad memory because I kept getting failed -1.

                                                So took all memory out and tested in pairs till I found the bad one.
                                                Since dual systems work in pairs, I took one bad and one good memory out.

                                                I cannot say this has solved 100% of problem. But downloading the last 1000 images I have not had one go bad.

                                                This was using my normal work flow. Same card reader, memory and such.
                                                As mentioned before, once I download I burn cd/dvd before opening in bridge and re-formating card.

                                                I have also found that if I do see a corrupt image in bridge just after downloading.
                                                I can delete from bridge, purge that folder cache, go to card and re download image and it is good.

                                                Another reason I am alerted to Bridge problem. Was I had folder which I worked with for two weeks before they got corrupt (as seen here - http://fotopete.scpsoftware.net/bridge.jpg)
                                                Every image that had 3 star/green label had been opened and printed. So that ruled out card to computer transfer issue.
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                                                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                                                  Nikki, which tool are you using to view the raw files on your PC?
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                                                    Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                    Don't lose sight of the fact that what you are looking at "on the back of your camera" is NOT the raw file but the embedded JPEG preview.
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                                                      Level 1
                                                      Mike- Yes, I'm thinking mine is during the transfer as well. I can put the same exact images on my mac from a CD or DVD already downloaded and burned from a different computer and they are fine. I am shooting just RAW with no jpgs. They are corrupt every time when downloading to my mac from the card. With one card I did try importing into Lightroom straight from the card instead of downloading to the desktop first and they were good, but the next card I tried that way became corrupt again.

                                                      Eric- I can view, import, edit and export them in lightroom and they also open up in photoshop on my pc fine. Even just viewing them in windows I can see that the files are there (just no thumbnail available, since it doesn't recognize), but when I view them on my mac it is a bunch of jumbled symbols and shows no files....well one card did show files but there was still crazy jumbled symbols everywhere.

                                                      Ramon- I know that the back of the camera are just previews, but I don't get why I can see them on the back of my camera and when I put the card into my mac they look corrupt, and then I put the same card back into my same camera and it won't show a thing other than "file corrupt"....as soon as it's put into my mac they are not viewable anymore on the back of the camera like they were before, so something is happening when I plug it into the mac. I can go over to my pc and use the same exact card reader, same card and (as long as it doesn't touch my mac first) they download to my pc fine.


                                                      I'm going out of town for two weeks next weekend for my own wedding, so I'm just trying to figure out if I should take my mac somewhere or send it in to be looked at while I'm gone. Just was trying to figure out if there is some easy fix that I'm not noticing, but I'm leaning towards possible something wrong with my usb ports.
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                                                        MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                                                        nikki, the reason the back of the camera previews look ok is because the camera is showing you the embedded jpeg. Raw files typically have an embedded jpeg, which is useful for fast preview purposes. So it is entirely possible for the raw image data to be corrupt, but for the embedded previews to be fine. They are stored in different locations within the file.

                                                        The fact that you're getting proper conversions of the exact same raw files on your PC but not on the Mac rules out the camera as the problem. It is highly likely there is either a problem in (1) transferring the files to your Mac or (2) a software configuration / setup issue on the Mac or (3) a hardware problem on the Mac.
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                                                          jugenjury Level 2
                                                          I would agree with Eric. I've found that when I download to my desktop (my laptop always downloads fine) and I turn off my virus protection and everything else that I don't need, they seem to transfer better with fewer corruptions and sometimes no corruption at all. So, it may be a combination of software/hardware as in....the hardware I have isn't "strong" enough for all the software trying to use it at one time.

                                                          It may possible be the same with your Mac. Are you using any type of virus program on the Mac? I know that antivirus software is uncommon for the Mac, but some people feel safer with it.

                                                          I'm thinking my problem comes from a USB transfer speed that is too fast for the processor to handle while also trying to scan for viruses at the same time. I could be wrong, though.

                                                          Whatever is causing your problem with your Mac, it is most definitely something with write permission to the card. I wish I knew more about Macs to help you. I do have a couple friend's who use them and know more about them....I'll ask around.
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                                                            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                            > I am shooting just RAW with no jpgs.

                                                            No, ALL raw files have an embedded JPEG preview created in the camera.

                                                            As Eric has explained, the JPEG preview can be fine and the raw file corrupted.
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                                                              Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                              >I would agree with Eric.

                                                              You should. He writes the code. :D
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                                                                Level 1
                                                                Well, he writes SOME of the code...there are others, like Thomas Knoll and Zalman Stern that do SOME code...


                                                                (But Eric is "useful")
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                                                                  I have experienced the same problem too. My corrupt images look just like the examples posted above. It appears that all the imbedded jpgs are fine, and can be seen at first in camera raw and lightroom. I know Lightroom appears to be corrupting the image as it updates the thumbnails, but in fact it is just updating the preview with the already corrupt raw data. Yes, it is alarming to see the corruption "spread" from image to image, but the damage has already been done! Close Lightroom and open again, and you'll see that previews are all fine, until it updates again.

                                                                  So I have a feeling that the corruption I'm seeing on my computer is due to either bad sectors on a hard drive, or a bad controller. At first I thought bad sectors on hard drive - new file edits/"save as" would result in corrupted files, as they were saved into a bad sector. But original raw file remained fine. I'd have to keep the corrupted images around and "save as" with new filename until it finally saved a good file. If I deleted the bad files, new files saved in the same space were corrupted. But now I'm leaning towards bad IDE controller because burning to DVD directly from the compact flash card reader resulted in corrupted images. Taking same images to another PC shows images on card are just fine.

                                                                  Anyone seeing this? I've replaced my hardware and now everything is fine. But I would love to know if it's a software bug and not hardware!

                                                                  Also, does anyone know how to extract the jpg from within the corrupt raw file? And I'm assuming there's no way to repair a corrupt raw file?

                                                                  Thanks in advance,
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                                                                    John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                                                                    I doubt that it is a software issue. I would look at cables or things like that.

                                                                    When you say you took the images to another PC, how did you get them onto the other PC? Through the same reader or a different one? What program did you look at the images with on the other computer?

                                                                    You cannot repair the corrupt raw file. But if you can read the files correctly on another computer you can burn a CD from that other computer and have your files.

                                                                    As for getting the JPGs, I don't know what size JPGs are embedded in raw files from your camera. But you could try opening the files in a program that doesn't support raw, but does support the JPG and then save from there. bUt I don't know what programs can read the JPG out of the raw. Others might be able to offer some suggestions.

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                                                                      Level 1
                                                                      Thanks for the speedy reply!

                                                                      I took the images to another PC (laptop) via CF card, with different reader. My desktop actually has a built-in CF reader. But I don't think the problem is card reader-related because I encountered problems when modifying a perfectly fine RAW file from a previous transfer. The newly saved version (psd, jpg) would be corrupted. I looked at images with Lightroom and Photoshop CS2.

                                                                      Unfortunately the corruption has spread, and RAW files from previous transfers this month (that were fine) are now corrupted and I had not yet backed them up. (Lesson learned!) They're long gone from the CF card. I attempted the burn to DVD direct from CF after discovering the problem, and those files were corrupt too (on the newly created DVD, not the CF card.) I was able to save the files that were still on CF, but the previous transfers are shot. Some pictures were extremely sentimental, so I'm looking to recover the jpg, even if it's small or poor quality.

                                                                      Perhaps a binary file editor? Anyone ever try this?

                                                                      I appreciate any tips or suggestions!
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                                                                        jugenjury Level 2

                                                                        You can try a program called Irfan View. It's free and can read most image formats. It also has a batch conversion program built in that allows you to do batch rename, batch conversion from one file format to another (including Canon's raw format to jpg), resizing operations, etc.

                                                                        If you keep the settings in default, Irfan View will read the embedded jpg file and if you use this as a batch conversion/rename on all your raw files at once, you can save them all as jpgs. It's simple to use. You may need to download some addons for it, but I think you will like it.

                                                                        As for your problem, it does kinda sound like a hard drive problem. I'm starting to wonder if that may be my problem also, but I still think mine is the USB hardware/driver. Since yours are fine when you first open them and get corrupted after you save them, it can't only be a transfer issue.

                                                                        When I recover my embedded jpgs using IView, they are about half size and the quality is on par with the original if resized and saved as a jpg. I think you'll be OK with that.
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                                                                          Level 1
                                                                          Mike_Serafin@adobeforums.com wrote:
                                                                          > You can try a program called Irfan View.

                                                                          Irfan is also very tolerant of jpeg format errors. I've used it to scan large
                                                                          batches of jpegs to find/recover images that are 'slightly' corrupted. These
                                                                          kinds of corruptions would normally cause Ps to choke with a 'Bad File Format'
                                                                          dialog that you can batch or script around. I'd prefer to handle these problems
                                                                          in Ps, but some of them can't be dealt with automatically.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Corrupted images

                                                                            It may possible software version or corrupt or due to compatibility issue you are facing the problem. As you have mention in last of post you want to recover some images which are lost then you can try Stellar phoenix photo recovery software which will recover your lost pictures in original format. I have used it previously and got my lost images back.
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                                                                              I have this problem as well and am pretty stumped about what could be causing this. I started a thread on another forum where I posted the exact file that is showing up as being corrupted on my hard-drive and people are opening it without any problems using CS4 and a variety of other image programs. Yet, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make these files open up properly, either in CS3 or in the image viewer that canon ships with Rebel XSi.


                                                                              I've been using this card and camera for about a year on the same computer and didn't have any problems. The only change that was made recently was adding more RAM.
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                                                                                sandy_mc Level 3
                                                                                First thought is some kind of a cache problem.<br /><br />Try deleting the files in C:\Documents and Settings\<your_name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\Cache<br /><br />replacing <your_name> with whatever your user name is.<br /><br />If that is a problem, I'd do disk check - something might be going south.....<br /><br />Sandy
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                                                                                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                                  Almost every time this is seen in ACR or Lightroom it turns out to be bad RAM in the computer. People fix this by replacing it.
                                                                                  • 39. Re: Corrupted images
                                                                                    Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                                                    What Jao says.

                                                                                    >The only change that was made recently was adding more RAM.

                                                                                    There you go. Please note that improperly seated or mismatched RAM can be as nasty as bad RAM.

                                                                                    Now, if the artifacts show up on the screen but not in prints, then it's a faulty graphics card.
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