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    Batch Bracketing from Adobe Camera Raw

      Is there a way to set an action in in ACR ( or Bridge for that matter) that will allow to automatically bracket your RAW files and then is it possible to then batch them out with a saved PSD file that includes your original and the bracketed exposures saved as layers?

      I know, a mouthful but I'm trying to make my workflow as efficient as possible and saving out multiple exposures and then opening them in photoshop and selecting what I need and pasting into the master file is just too time consuming.

      Any suggestions would be great!
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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I think you can do such things with Photoshop Javascript, depending on what you mean, exactly, by "automatically bracket RAW files".

          You can see an example of a script that probalby contains most of the elements you need along with many you don't, where it controls ACR as well as does things within Photoshop, itself, that is used to calculate the Camera Calibration sliders based on eye-droppered values from a RAW image of a color-checker, a process which is obsolete with the release of the DNG Profile Editor from Adobe Labs, but the script is downloadable from Tom Fors' site as the ACRCalibrator script:


          You might post your question(s) on the scripting-specific forum.
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            essentially -- open up ACR and with whatever photo it is save out 2 exposures 1 stop above and one stop below. What would be even better is if I could save out the master file - already adjusted in Lightable -- from ACR with the 2 exposures saved as layers in the new PSD file...

            Scripting, eh...I'll give the link a look

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              I wrote a script that does this but runs in Photoshop.
              A similar script could be written in Bridge because all you are doing is copying
              and renaming files then modifying the crs:Exposure field.
              The script also tweaks the exif:ExposureBiasValue field for some reason. I wrote
              it for somebody last year but haven't had the need to use it myself.

              If you want a copy, drop me a line at:

              xbytor at gmail dot com
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                dropped you a note