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    Lightroom 1.1 - Adobe Camera RAW 4.1 (Bridge, Photoshop CS3) problem

      Dear all,

      I am having some problems with the appearance of files developed in adobe lightroom 1.1 or in adobe camera raw 4.1 from e.g. bridge or photoshop cs3. When developing in lightroom the images look great, however when using acr 4.1 and the same xmp sidecar settings imported from lightroom, the image in acr looks very pale in comparison. For example when using the export into photoshop option in Lightroom, the image in PS3 looks very pale to the one in lightroom. The same problem persists with developing using ACR 4.1 from bridge. I have turned autotoning in ACR off. Also in the color management of PS CS3, the desaturate checkbox is UNchecked.

      I am using an icc profile for my 30" cinema display, calibrated with colory eyes pro and a spyder2.

      Has anybody had similar problems with ACR 4.1 or am I just doing something horribly simple wrong?

      Thanks for your help!