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    Images in ACR are softer than when viewed in Photoshop?

    Motifone71 Level 1

      I'm finding that when I view a RAW image in ACR 4.1 that the image does not appear as sharp as when I open the image from ACR into Photoshop and view it in Photoshop. I open my RAW files from ACR into Photoshop as PSD files. The image as viewed in Photoshop looks sharper at values less than 100%. Here's a screen grab of the same image (Photoshop on the left, ACR on the right), side by side at the exact same viewing size (23.1%), and the Photoshop image has more sharpness and clarity to it. It's minor, but noticeable in the leaves and bricks and it gives the ACR image an overall soft feeling.


      Do the programs handle interpolation diferrently when viewing images at less than 100%? Or, do RAW and PS files inherently display differently when not viewed at 100%? When both are viewed at 100%, they match. This isn't a major deal breaker -- but the lack of clarity at smaller viewing sizes in ACR is unfortunate, since I rarely view images in ACR at 100% size when I'm reviewing images and images that I think are soft are, in fact, not.

      The disparity seems more pronounced with images in portrait orientation.

      I'm using a Mac Pro, Radeon X1900, 23" ACD. Canon 5d images.

      Anyone experience similar? I love ACR, but wondering if someone can shed some light on this.