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    Failure of non destructive editing with jpegs from a photo finisher

      Using Camera Raw 4.3.1 with Bridge CS3 on Windows XP, I have successfully non destructively edited many .jpegs. However, I just recently tried to edit a batch of jpegs which appear to have been digitized by a film photo finisher as part of a "get your CD with digital copies of your photos" order.

      Camera Raw does not give any error messages but appears to silently throw away the changes I make when I click Done. The file modification date is changed but when I reopen the file in Camera Raw all of the settings are at their initial value and the image appears in its original form. Bridge does not change the appearance of the thumbnail either.

      Apparently Camera Raw is confused by the form of the Jpeg header metadata.

      I do not know the exact history of these Jpeg files as they were shot by a friend in 2003 who gave them to me on a CD. I do not believe that any processing was done on the files by photo manipulation software after the friend received them from the photo finisher.