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    Nikon D300 raw files, unable to retrieve the camera serial number!

      Hi all,

      I have just downloaded some D300 NEF files (camera firmware v. 1.2) onto my PC, and both Bridge and Camera Raw display NO camera serial number in all the shots! :-( And when I convert them in DNG, I still don't have any info on the nikon camera serial no. , why!? :-(

      I opened them with EXIF tool and I tested that the camera serial is there in all the NEF's (and also JPEG) files.

      I tried the NEF files from a Nikon D2X camera and, this time, the camera serial is read perfectly from both Bridge, Camera Raw and Lightroom (v. 1.4.1) too. Does someone have any hints!?

      Thanks in advance! ;)

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