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    ACR - Bug with embeded color matrix?

      In version 4.4 (Windows platform) I noticed a bug that is still present in 4.5. Version 4.3 worked ok.

      Description: I converted a cr2 file from Canon 400D to a dng. Than I modified color matrices in dng with my own program, because I wasn't satisfied with ACR's calibration (red color tends towards orange - quite different than result from Canon's DPP)

      In ACR 4.3, calibration tab, I got 3 options: embeded, 4.3 and 3.6. In ACR 4.4 and 4.5, there's no option Embeded, just 2 times 4.4 and 3.6. So first option should be named Embeded

      Don't know whether there is the same problem with cameras that already record raw files in dng format, or tere is a problem only in very rare case like mine (because I suppose nobody else would try something similar)

      Thanks for comments