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        Could you please explain the process of copying the DVDs to the HDD and then "installing from there..." With CS 4 Master Collection (4 DVDs, how do I distinguish each disk (when it asks me to put that disk in).

        I am trying to install the software aon dozens of systems in a school and I keep getting an error (but not every time) - at the end of the installation - that it has failed to install Falsh, InDesign and Photoshop (although everything else installs fine). I am willing to except that it is a problem with the media or the DVD /CD drive but don't understand how to create a HDD install point.

        Tim M.
        Whitefish School District
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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There are scripts for mass deployment such as you are doing from a server rather than one-by-one using the disks. I'm not certain where to send you, but the knowledge base may help. Look for silent install, for one.

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            I'm not going to argue with you but of all people you should realize as a scientist that by removing all the ancillary programs in my tests it lead me to my conclusion that the installer is the issue.

            (a) I copied the files to my hard drive and tried installing them without the DVD driver and still got the BSOD.

            (b) I put windows into modified mode with absolutely nothing except Microsoft services running, still blue screen.

            (c) less than a year ago I had to reformat my hard drive because CS3 completely crashed windows and had to spend two days trying to explain to an outsourced overseas call-center that can barely speak English that I could not deactivate Adobe from this computer.

            (d) I had Graphic Artists that could not install CS3 on brand new Macs last year.

            I installed Adobe Premier Pro trial alone, no problems. I tried In design trial alone no problems.
            I can install 3d studio Max, Microsoft Office, and any other program with no problem.

            Put yourself in my shoes, what would you think

            As a seasoned Marketing Manager I may not know much about programming or windows but I realize what you have here is a full-fledged customer service and public relations nightmare and perception that it is the Adobe Installer.

            When Adobe Tech support tells you that it ain't their problem it doesn't help keep customers like me happy.
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              I agree. Why are so many people having problems with what is a very expensive piece of software?

              My suspicion is that they've tried to lock down any pirating (which hasn't worked btw - it's all over the net, so all they are doing is messing up their customer's goodwill.)

              I have now wasted 3 days, first trying to buy, then download and now install CS4 web premium upgrade, plus the hours I had to ask hubby to help before I pulled all my hair out. Probably 4 man days in all!)

              Wake up and smell the B.S. Adobe!

              Your downloader is rubbish.
              Your installer is rubbish.

              I can only hope that once I've got everything to work, I won't think your program is rubbish too!
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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                I am not denying that you are experiencing a problem and that it is exceptionally frustrating and costly to you.

                It is also true that for every user that has problems of the type you are encountering, there are hundreds who install the software with no problems whatsoever. That is not a value judgement about you or anyone else encountering these issues, but simply a reference point. Obviously, it is those who are encountering the problems that are writing in, not those who have no such problems.

                Yes, our support and product development groups are all too aware of the issues. The major problem is that (1) Adobe is not providing any software that is capable of causing a BSOD itself - only drivers, operating system software, and hardware errors can cause a BSOD - and no Adobe software is running at such a level and (2) other than a front end that queries for initial options and displays a status screen, the actual software installation is done by Windows' own Microsoft Installer, not code written by Adobe. Thus, any hangups or BSODs are occurring in software neither provided by nor controlled by Adobe and requires investigation often on a case-by-case basis. But these are still problems that need to be resolved for the users.

                No one in Adobe Technical Support should be telling you that "it ain't their problem." Get the name of whoever you speak to as well as the case number. Ask, no DEMAND to speak with a supervisor and don't accept stupid responses from unresponsive tech support agents. If you can supply the case number and/or name of the agent, we can appropriately discipline those agents who are unqualified to assist you AND get you some real assistance. Adobe Technical Support should be gathering information about your configuration and consulting with our product developers to try to correlate your problem and configuration with other data we are gathering. For example, do you have some type of RAID configuration? Some RAID controller software has been known to be out-of-spec and to either interfere with the internal licensing mechanism and/or BSOD. And there are supposedly workarounds for such issues ... if the Tech Support person asks the right questions. Given how diverse system hardware and software configurations are, there unfortunately isn't just one set of symptoms and one solution.

                Again, Adobe is taking these problems seriously.

                - Dov
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                  >Again, Adobe is taking these problems seriously.
                  >- Dov

                  I believe this is probably true .. 600 layoffs can have that effect on a company.

                  The truly frustrating thing here is that Adobe's tech support assumes "user error", insults our intelligence, and ultimately fails to acknowledge very specific repeatable trends that point to flaws in the installation routine. If 30 people on the forums are having the exact same symptoms, it's a trend. So put somebody on it, get a fix together, and post a service note to your support staff.

                  Last year, my team jumped through all the hoops trying to get CS3 installed to no avail. Only to find out the error was, as suspected, Adobe's installer. The [very simple] workaround was discovered NOT by anyone at Adobe, but by an attentive end-user poring over his installation logs. (I hope you hired that kid.)

                  Now .. CS4 .. and we're getting a similar, if not the same, problem. No, we're not going to reinstall our OS. No, we're not wiping the drive and "starting fresh." We're not wasting another second on this insult to our intelligence. We'll reinstall CS3, and wait until somebody finds the line of code that's causing the trouble. I wonder if Adobe will find it first this time.

                  Adobe's "Creative Suites" are now officially the "Microsoft Service Pack" of the creative world. Nobody in their right mind, and with any kind of deadline, should dare attempt installation until the kinks are worked out... 6 months down the road, maybe.

                  This is a wake-up call .. if you thought the release-day demand for CS4 was tepid, just wait until CS5. We won't be bitten a 3rd time.
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                    Hey Dov,
                    You are simply full of B.S. I've rarely seen such arrogance from any company employee in all my years of working in the graphics industry. Before you say anything in your own defense, lets look at the facts:

                    1. Adobe is the only software that causes these problems on these users' computers.

                    2. Everything else installs without a hitch, no matter what drivers and other softwares are already installed.

                    There you have it. The only conclusion is that Either Adobe has grown completely incompetent, or they've grown so arrogant that they think they can implement a ton of anti-piracy measures and require a ludicrous number of extremely inconvenient system parameters for succesful installation of their bloatware (probably a bit of both). Hey Dov, you guys are on your way out. The software that's going to sink Adobe is already in development. Here's to the downfall of yet another corporate empire, brought down from the inside by its own greed. Bon voyage, Adobe. You brought it on yourself.
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                      This is to say thank you to David Artz. I had purchased from Adobe the CS3 Design Standard 3.3 on early October. It was close enough to the release of CS4 that they sent me a copy of CS4 Design Standard once it was released. Then I decided I needed Design Premium and ordered the upgrade. Installing seemed to go fine, but Photoshop stayed Standard and would not be Extended. I spent a day on the phone to customer support being transferred between at least 6 people, all with non-American accents, 2 of whom seemed to have a hearing problem and I had to speak very loudly into the phone, and finally ended up with a Photoshop tech named Mike who did sound American. He advised running the CS4Clean and the Windows install Clean Up. I did both and I uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Finally while waiting for the last reinstall I started reading through the forums (should have started there!) and came across David's post from November regarding deactivating Photoshop and then upon relaunch Photoshop was "Extended". It worked like a charm. I wish the techs knew to suggest this. Thank you David.
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                        First let me state very clearly that I understand how complex this simple issue could be.

                        I have no practical fix, but wanted to weigh in.

                        There is a pattern here and it's corporate wide.
                        It's even worked it's way to sales.
                        I've decided to not purchase CS4 yet.

                        Here's my long winded explanation why:

                        I don't post to forums. I am a diagnostic technician and I work around these issues because for me it's easier than attempting to deal with the poor support that is provided.
                        When I visit these forums to get a feel for the softwares current stability, usability and reliability, I usually find myself shaking my head and agreeing with the confident, knowledgeable helpers who insist the complainant needs to 'try harder' or 'look somewhere else'.

                        I have several Adobe products including CS3 suites and I have experienced incomplete installs. Having spent many years beta testing, I resolve myself to a "complete" ground up rebuild and orderly install. Not a roll back, not a ghost - Brand New Build!

                        Last one was 3.5 man days per machine x 2.
                        That's over $7,000 of down time!

                        The install problem exists!

                        It may not be a flaw in the installer code.
                        It could be, it's impossible for the specific stated symptom(s) [BSOD for one] to be directly caused by the installer, but it is clear to anyone with an open mind, who truly wants to resolve the problem, that the software installation process is contributing to the issue, just as AV can contribute to the problem.

                        Having been on both sides of this fence, I know that taking ownership can be costly but so too can the stonewall.

                        I reported a bug in Encore CS3. Maybe I'm the only one who authors the way I do, but my way is better for the viewer and it is within spec as well as being a feature of the product, (that fails) in CS3 and works fine in 2.0.

                        I can even open the faulty CS3 project in 2.0 and have it create the disk correctly. Weeks of Adobe tech support being unable to reproduce the problem, with very specific instructions, a simple job and a copy of my job, caused me to involve another tech support department who work with Adobe but had nothing to do with this problem, although Adobe Tech support did suggest it might be their problem.

                        Less than 3 minutes talking to that support person and they reproduced the problem. 30 minutes later they called back and confirmed it exists on all the tested Adobe systems, whether their component is part of the install or not. They indicated they would discuss it with Adobe. Sometime later I got an update from Adobe. They had managed to reproduce the problem. Nothing else. No follow up, no fix, no Thank you.

                        Yesterday I was going to order a CS4 Master upgrade from my very supportive and helpful retailer. They weren't able to determine exactly which of the many new sku's to order for my upgrade.

                        I called Adobe to get the part number.
                        Apparently it's a secret.
                        They can sell me the upgrade, but the part number or sku number are "confidential information" and they can't give that to me.

                        I Asked politely to speak with a supervisor or be directed to someone who can help me to buy the product, based on the assumption the person I was speaking to who did not speak clear English and didn't appear to understand my question wasn't going to be able to help me.

                        REFUSED! Final answer: confidential! Now is there anything else we can help you with today?
                        As if they have actually helped me!

                        Yes, I am North American and speak English so all communication was very difficult to say the least. That's one of the reasons I have a retailer. If I have to draw a picture, we can and communication can be made to work to our mutual benefit.

                        It's possible I was mistaken and the person on the other end understood everything I said even though I couldn't understand them, but the basics of communication require two way understanding and when one side breaks, regardless of who is at fault, the communication fails, so an incorrect perception on my part may have lead to a request to escalate, which may have offended an intelligent person and caused that person to respond as many of us would if an implication questioned our ability. Poorly and emotionally.

                        I understand the changes in economy. I understand, probably better than many at Adobe, the huge problem that is associated with the massive bundle the suites are. So many new complications, so little revenue compared to stand alones, so many new customers.

                        More customers and more complexity without the proportionate increase in revenue is a major hurdle to overcome and it appears it wasn't properly planned for.

                        Customers: understand please, this software is not expensive, it's dirt cheap (to buy) now in Suite form. If it's costing you too much because of the new complexity, buy the stand alones, save your own bottom line and get on with business. Don't stress yourself out over an extra 30 billable hours. The stress will cost you a lot more.

                        Adobe: I assume Customer and Market pressure brought you to the decision to make the Suites. I like the concept and hope it will work better for us all one day soon, but the operative word is soon. Please, listen to your users and understand for every one (1) customer that tells you their problems, there are 30 more who have the same problem but won't take the time from their busy days to tell you about it. They work around it and allow you to keep making the same mistakes until such time as your product is of no use or interest, then they move on.
                        Since you have bought all the favorite products available, the comfort you feel right now, because we have little or no other choices is false.
                        Please remove the blinders and the attitude and become the Adobe we all want. Try to imagine, all these people happy to give you their money! The best customers are the knowledgeable, experienced, possibly educated and sometimes demanding ones, but only when your product, procedures and customer relations meet their demands.
                        In case you haven't noticed, we are into the "tough times" cycle again. This is where long term heroes are made or born.
                        Will you be there?

                        I like Adobe products and with all the problems, they are usable and I can make money with them. There's room for improvement, but they are adequate.

                        Improve customer relations and service and you will be handed the instructions to improve the products and your engineering costs will be reduced. Let's win together.

                        Merry Christmas everyone!
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                          I can't wait until someone comes up with an alternative to Adobe products. I have tried everything to install CS4 Web Standard onto my machine and still no luck! I've tried it on several of our production machines and still no joy. I have followed every solution on the user forum, which is far more informative than the Adobe supprt, which is a very sad state of affairs.
                          Adobe CS4 is the only product that will not install on our machines, and from what I've read on forums, we are not an exception. We had huge problems installing CS3 onto our Windows XP machines and in the end had to install onto new installs of XP, if we installed any other program prior to CS3 it would fail!!!!!!
                          Adobe have obviously become too big for their boots and I hope that either they get their act together, or a competitor comes along and blows them out of the water.
                          I am totally disgusted!
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                            i am also unable to install on vista ultimate. I have updated my windows but still the CS4 setup says please update your windows and you must have service pack 1.

                            don't know what to do?
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                              Unfortunately I can add on to the installation issue with my sad story.
                              I bought CS4 brand new at the beginning of December and could not install it without error until today. I made several attempts, all on XP prof. machines with at least 2 GB RAM, more than 50 GB free hard disk space and SP3. I did run the installation process all together at least 20 times or so and it always ended up in errors. Adobe support suggests insufficient user rights but I always installed as administrator. I also created new users with administrator rights. Nothing helped. I tried the installation process at least 3 times on 3 different complete new installed pcs with nothing on it than the operating system and SP3 - ended like before: in errors.
                              And the error messages are also very poor, e.g. "Error 2 - contact Adobe support". When you contact Adobe support it takes at least a day to get an answer - during weekends even longer. OK, but I own these - very expensive - DVDs for more than a month now and still have no working product. Not to mention the hours and hours I spent to get the installation to work.
                              I guess like me everyone will think at first there might be something wrong with his machine or that perhaps another software interfers. But after all these attempts on different machines with from the scratch new installed XP OS I am absolutely sure that it is the poorest installation routine I ever saw in my life. I am very frustrated now and thinking of returning this buggy product.
                              • 52. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                Anne, in your story you don't mention if you ever tested the actual discs from which you are installing. It sounds possible that they might be corrupted (which is quite common, sadly). To check this you should try to copy the entire contents of all of them to your local computer. If that doesn't work, there's either a problem with the discs, your optical drive, or the drive's installation.
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                                  Having no luck installing CS4 Design Standard. Just got it today and have been monkeying around since 8am. It's now midnight... :( I've tried all the suggestions I've seen here, turned off just about everything in MSCONFIG that I could, tried a couple more suggestions I found in the KB, and downloaded and ran the installer cleanup... but nothing works... we get to about 90% of an install and it hangs. Whats worse and I haven't seen anyone mention this, is that when i try to UNINSTALL CS4 the uninstaller does hangs too! The installer cleanup doesn't find any "sessions" that need to be cleaned, and the log file generated gives me an error code of 2136 but the description is vague at best...

                                  [ 2136] Mon Jan 05 23:19:53 2009 ERROR
                                  Log of: object
                                  isRunning {string}: 0
                                  percentComplete {string}: 100
                                  message {object}: [object Object]
                                  Log of: object
                                  code {string}: 0
                                  args {object}: [object Object]

                                  [ 2136] Mon Jan 05 23:27:04 2009 INFO

                                  I downloaded and ran the adobe installed AdobeSupportAdvisor which wasn't anymore helpful since it couldn't figure out what this error means either.

                                  Anyone from Adobe able to give any insight here?
                                  • 54. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                    No, I don´t think the DVDs are corrupted, the installation process itself runs without suspicious errors or messages in that way. And I also have experienced different errors at the end. One type of error I even have eliminated by checking through the forums and FAQs. It was related to an old MSXML which I have updated and now there are "only" error messages left about language files that could not be copied.
                                    And I am not running Vista but plain "old" XP Professional on my own PC with all rights I can have and with the latest SP.
                                    • 55. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                      Level 1
                                      The solution is very simple:
                                      Step1: go to the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers and find the file (WinZip) "Adobe..log.gz
                                      Unzip and read it (very large - 3000 lines) and find all words "error".
                                      Almost at the end of this log you will probably find that the Installer cannot find the directory SharedDocuments.
                                      Step2: Create subdirectory "Shared Documents" (with the space!!!) within directory Public. With permissions for Administrator.
                                      Step3: reinstall.

                                      I have tested this procedure under Vista Home Premium and works perfectly.
                                      Nothing is necessary under Vista Ultimate. This OS redirects the Installer requirement to another subdirectory, which exists within the OS.
                                      • 56. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                        brainstewn Level 1
                                        Found errors but nothing to do with "Shared Documents" just references to the installers folder and this subfolder "faf656ef605427ee2f42989c3ad31b8", e.g.,

                                        ] File: error.html, Directory: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\faf656ef605427ee2f42989c3ad31b8\resources\common\error\, Size: 5441
                                        [ 2860] Tue Jan 06 06:29:08 2009 INFO

                                        Can I delete this folder and reinstall?
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                                          Level 1
                                          Slavomir, if you adressed my posting - that seems not to be the fault (this time). There are no error messages in conjunction with SharedDocuments. But I could imagine your suggestion would be very helpful for others.
                                          I have found errors like this ones:

                                          5000 Copying file "Z:\Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeFlash10-de_DELanguagePack\Assets\_2497_2a30ae97d4f71680c4f7a5b82230bc fc" to "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Adobe\Help\de_DE\Flash\10.0_Welcome\images\w.gif"
                                          5000 Copied
                                          [ 980] Thu Jan 01 23:45:41 2009 INFO
                                          Calling ARKCAPSWritePayloadDataCommand.
                                          [ 980] Thu Jan 01 23:45:41 2009 DEBUG
                                          Committing prior actions...
                                          [ 980] Thu Jan 01 23:45:41 2009 ERROR
                                          5001 Error committing command ARKCAPSWritePayloadDataCommand
                                          [ 980] Thu Jan 01 23:45:41 2009 DEBUG

                                          Would you suggest then to create the complete directory, that is seen there, too?
                                          • 58. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                            What language are you trying to install? Those errors look like a German localization.
                                            • 59. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                              that´s right. It´s in german.
                                              Should hopefully be no problem - OS is in German an the CS4 package, too.
                                              • 60. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                brainstewn Level 1
                                                Tried renaming the folder "faf656ef605427ee2f42989c3ad31b8" and reinstalling. The installation created a new folder but still hung at around 90%. Solutions in this forum working for others, is not for me. Lame software release!
                                                • 61. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                  Good. Just trying to eliminate one possible problem.

                                                  Darrell, and anyone else having an issue with hanging,

                                                  Have you tried copying the DVDs to the desktop or other hard drive location? My first attempt at installing CS3 a couple of years ago hung that way and it turned out to be the DVD drive (which was brand new). It was failing to read a single file, but the installer never threw an error. I discovered the problem while trying to copy the disk to my hard drive for a "desktop install" and Windows threw up the "unable to copy" error.

                                                  I put my old drive back in the system and the installation went smoothly. It seems that DVD drives (and perhaps the disks, too) can be very finicky about alignment, and what works in one drive may not work in another.

                                                  • 62. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                                    Yes.. copied dvd to the hard drive, tried createing a new user on vista, tried unregistering msiexec.com... on and on... here it's day 5 and still can't get past 90%
                                                    • 63. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                      Level 1
                                                      There is a happy ending to my misery, but shame on you Adobe support personnel and principal scientist for suggesting totally inaccurate procedures for the solution. My common sense prevailed and did not listen to the "oh, so certain of himself" support person that I had to UNINSTALL EVERYTHING ON MY COMPUTER MADE BY ADOBE. You are full of it! And you know with what. I was not about to uninstall my complete CS3 and cripple my ability to work.

                                                      I tried several times to install CS4, my computer rebooting at some point on all of them. I called for tech support, language problems aside, the procedure was like Chinese torture. First person asked for my full ID, address, phone, serial number, my problem, etc. Then decided that I needed to talk to tech support. No kidding!

                                                      Then I spoke to the second person who asked me the same questions for the same information. Patiently I repeated them. Then she repeated my problem back to me, thank you. Then told me that she would connect me to the tech support person! I could speak to a royalty sooner than this, come ON Adobe. In any case, the tech support person told me that this was a DVD reader problem and that I should copy the CS4 directory from DVD 1 and 2 to my desktop and run the installation from there, and if I had any problems I should call back. He was half right, maybe even less much less. But where he was wrong, it was crucial and extremely frustrating. I patiently copied those directories (more than one hour), as you are probably guessing correctly by now, I had to rename one so that I could drag the second one to the desktop, Adobe CS4-1 and Adobe CS4.

                                                      Uninstalling all CS4, I restarted to install it again... Crash bang! Gone, computer rebooted. The persistent person that I am, after the computer restarted I uninstalled all CS4 again and made one more attempt. This time the installation did not even start. It came back with a "pleasant" message that "The installation for the following products failed" and listed all the components of Design Premium.

                                                      As suggested by the previous king, oh I mean the support person, I called the support number once more. I gave the case number and the guy at the other end told me that this is a known issue and I should uninstall all Adobe products and call back the next day. I told him that this did not sound reasonable as it would cripple my ability to do work, he insisted that it was the only way to install CS4.

                                                      Well, was he ever wrong.

                                                      I started thinking and reading the forum threads and other places where this issue was being discussed. This may surprise the principle scientist, there are hundreds of thousands of hits when I searched for "CS4 install problems". This should be great news for computer repair people as they all must have device failures! Yeah. One thing that kept grabbing my attention, the install process was not able to write to some directories and that could be the reason for the failure. I was running a Windows XP Pro system and the directory security was not drum tight. Except, those directories that were controlled by the MS IIS. I knew that the installer was probably not accessing those directories, but that gave me one glimmer of hope. Another thing I noticed was the complaint by the installer that Internet Explorer was running. In my case it complained that Firefox was running. SO WHAT, what is it to you? Could there be a relationship to the IIS?

                                                      I went ahead and uninstalled MS SQL and the IIS (for ColdFusion). Then I got the MS Install Cleaner and removed every line that had CS4 in it. I also terminated all the unnecessary applications, utilities, system tray crud and disabled the antivirus for a good measure (although the principle scientist said it should not matter). Then, I started the install from the desktop as instructed. Since the previous crashes happened at or near Adobe Media Player, I disabled that and started the process. It kept going, and going, and going... I jotted down the applications it installed and as their names appeared. This was exciting, it went further, and further, AND finished the first DVD (directory that is from my desktop.) Then it asked me to insert the second DVD into C:\ huh! I thought for sure if I clicked OK, it would ask me to point to where it was. Nooooo. It insisted that I put the second DVD into C:\.

                                                      I was royally ticked off (polite substitute here) at the first guy who actually told me that I would point to the directory where the second DVD directory was. YOU WERE WRONG, man, wrong (and I am really restraining myself here). I tried copying one folder into the next, that did not work because of some directory collision. I tried switching their names, no way. I was panicking that I would fail after having come this far. In a flash of inspiration, I moved the second CS4 directory to the C:\ and clicked on OK.

                                                      LO AND BEHOLD! The impossible happened. There was no other way of installing CS4 other than uninstalling everything Adobe. But the miracle was happening on my computer, the chosen one!

                                                      Now, Adobe people please read this carefully. All the events I describe here are true (case ID can be provided upon request to Adobe), they took over a three day period, on the same machine. If it had, as the principle scientist suggested, any hardware or driver problems should my install have succeeded? My scientific thinking tells me: NO.

                                                      So, please review all your stone walls, retrain your personnel, work better at making your software to be a good citizen of the computing world, and for goodness sake, stop being on the defensive ALL THE TIME. Accepting some responsibility for some of these problems could be cleansing for the soul.

                                                      I will post a less verbose version of my process on my blog tomorrow if you care to read it. http://www.keptlight.com/blog/

                                                      Note: Adobe, I like your products, use them, teach them, recommend them. But you need to come off the pedestal and meet with mere mortals, us. Your bread and butter.
                                                      • 64. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                                        I am a long time user of CS3. I own 3 Windows Licenses and 2 Mac Licenses. I ordered the Upgrade to CS4 (5 copies) from my reseller and I received an email with an Adobe Licensing web site URL and a single password. No disks. I am confused. Did I get the right stuff?
                                                        • 65. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                                          I have been trying to install Web Premium CS4 on my Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium setup and keep getting the same error message("setup error") almost immediately after clicking the install button. Any ideas what might be causing the error message?
                                                          • 66. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                            Doesn't sound that way. That's for volume purchases not single user

                                                            • 67. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                              Was there any more to the error message? Without more detail it would be taking a shot in the dark to try to guess what the problem is.

                                                              • 68. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                                                I continue to get "Error Code 1603" messages when trying to install CS4 Design Standard in Vista. (The installation fails every time.) I have already gone through the following steps:
                                                                1) scanned hard drive for viruses, errors
                                                                2) cleaned up Vista temp files
                                                                3) uninstalled through Windows, ran Adobe Clean Up Script
                                                                4) ran msconfig to reduce startup services
                                                                5) ran CS4 install from desktop (instead of from DVD)
                                                                6) disabled UAC
                                                                7) disabled anti-virus, firewall during install
                                                                8) Ran Adobe Support Advisor (no solutions found)

                                                                Have I missed anything? I've tried installing this about 5-6 times now and nothing works. I'd greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you!
                                                                • 69. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                  brainstewn Level 1

                                                                  I called support, they were no help, their solution was to install it on another computer; I hung up without saying goodbye.

                                                                  This has been a blessing in disguise as I ended up buying a pay version of Iobits Advanced System Care (ASC). After utilizing many of the tools in ASC my computer is noticeably faster and efficient; didn't solve the install problem though.

                                                                  b Turns out Cemal Ekin's rant had the solution for me. "Went ahead and uninstalled MS SQL and the IIS (for ColdFusion). Then I got the MS Install Cleaner and removed every line that had CS4 in it." THANKS Cemal.

                                                                  ]1. Run MSCONFIG and set selective startup with no startup checked, and only Microsoft and Flexnet licensing service enabled; dont restart.
                                                                  ]2. Uninstall everything SQL
                                                                  ]3. Use MS Installer cleanup utility* to clean the registry. I had to run regedit and do a search for "CS4" as I found several items the utility didn't clean.
                                                                  ]4. Restart in selective mode now

                                                                  Try installing, it worked flawlessly, no errors and I'm pleased with CS4 speed.

                                                                  * http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/290301

                                                                  Darrell Catmull
                                                                  • 70. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                    Level 1
                                                                    Is there anyone getting windows error :1620 when installing CS4 Creative Suite Design Premium? I'm just about to getting crazy since yesterday. I can't install specially 4 programs : Photoshop, Flash, InDesign and Illustrator which I mostly need.

                                                                    I use .iso files in order to install package as my dvd drive is broken. Do you think this point causes the error? Please help me!
                                                                    • 71. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                      Level 1
                                                                      Version: CS4 Master Suite
                                                                      OS: Windows XP SP2

                                                                      I, too, kept getting the BSOD during installation of the second disc. I copied all the discs to a desktop folder per one of the posted solutions, and that got me past the second disc. But the first time I ran the installation that way, it hung up on installing the disc 3 files. After that, the installation routine just reported an error, and suggested that I use the Adobe Support Advisor, which I did, and which ended up reporting that I it could find no problem.

                                                                      After some Web searching, I unchecked the "Enable write combining" option in Display Properties. After that, I could make it through the entire installation successfully. It may have been coincidence, but it's something to try if you're getting the BSOD during installation.

                                                                      To get to this item, right-click on the desktop, click on Properties on the menu, click on the Settings tab, click the Advanced button, click on the Troubleshoot tab, and you'll find the item near the bottom. On my system, it was checked on, and I had installation success after I checked it off. You'll have to reboot afterwards in order for the change to take effect.
                                                                      • 72. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                        brainstewn Level 1
                                                                        I believe a search and manual deletion of all Creative Suite references in the registry, of products you are not using, or are replacing, will provide you with favorable results.

                                                                        You should consider temporarily uninstalling any SQL databases too. Those two things worked for me.

                                                                        Darrell Catmull
                                                                        • 73. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                          Level 1
                                                                          I wonder if Adobe Installer sets up a MiniSQL DB to facilitate copy protection and module integration. If it does, could that clash with MS-SQL and/or IIS? I believe Adobe uses Bonjour, and possibly a proxy service. There is also the FNPLicensingService.exe withouth which Adobe products do not run.

                                                                          I wish Adobe, or someone who knows the innards of the OS could say something about this problem.
                                                                          • 74. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                            Level 1
                                                                            Every time I start to install adobe masterpack cs4 , while it is installing My computer will blue screen every time I try it . Please Help!
                                                                            • 75. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                              SimonWarner Level 1
                                                                              I advise starting a new thread and including some details. Even a lot if
                                                                              you can. OS and hardware for example. Space on hard disk, ram, processor
                                                                              etc. At what point it blue screens.

                                                                              Having said that, a blue screen death usually indicates and underlying
                                                                              problem not associated with the software you are installing.
                                                                              • 76. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                Level 1
                                                                                BSOD indeed may be caused by an underlying problem. However, for a computer that has been functioning without any problems until Adobe installer is run, and that the computer fails the same way after repeated attempts, attributing this to an underlying problem is not very reasonable. My system that crashed and rebooted every time I attempted to install CS4 had been running flawlessly for quite some time. And it continues to do so after I resolved my Adobe installer problems my way, as I documented on my Web site and on this forum. Adobe installer pulls the trigger of a gun, possibly even loads it, then Adobe blames the bullet for killing the victim.

                                                                                I am sure this problem will be fixed, but until then the various forums all over the Internet, including the Adobe support will be inundated with this sort of posts.
                                                                                • 77. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                  Level 1
                                                                                  Okay, so I've got an issue that I'm not sure can be fixed, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

                                                                                  I purchased the CS4 30 day trial, and installed it on my external hard drive. Unfortunately, my hard drive has gone batty, and no computers will read it anymore.

                                                                                  So my goal was to reinstall the software onto my computer's hard drive instead, since it obviously wasn't going to run off of my external drive any longer.

                                                                                  The problem is that when I try to install it, the setup basically says that there's been a critical error, and to check the install log for solutions. So I did... and I downloaded the Adobe Support Advisor to help, but it found no solutions.

                                                                                  I have tried uninstalling the previous install, but that doesn't work obviously, and I've tried manually deleting files... which also doesn't work.

                                                                                  Is it possible to completely erase the previous download so that I can reinstall this on my computer, without going so far as formatting my hard-drive?
                                                                                  • 78. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                                                    • 79. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                      Level 1
                                                                                      I registered just so as I can post this message. I stumbled upon this site as I was getting BSOD while installing CS4 Photoshop and I now have a solution (at least for my laptop running Vista Home Premium SP1) !!!

                                                                                      ADOBE MEDIA PLAYER IS THE CULPRIT - NOTHING ELSE !!!! (read on)

                                                                                      At first I started the install in morning and went away from laptop, only to find the logon screen 15 minutes later. I was confused and left for work. In evening I tried again (after un-installing all my partially installed CS4 components) and while the installation was going on I was doing some other work, I suddenly got the BSOD and computer re-booted. So I was not sure what caused BSOD but knew that something was wrong here. Checked up Web, came to this site and knew that it was Adobe installation playing dirty trick

                                                                                      I proceeded as follows - uninstalled CS4 PS(partially installed before BSOD), uninstalled total CS3 too (As I was not too keen on two apps). I used Your Uninstaller for this work so registry cleaning happened. I started installing CS4 PS again (Typical install) and this time I kept my eyes glued to the screen. Boom - the BSOD came again but this time I knew that it came as soon as ADOBE MEDIA PLAYER installation has begun. Rest was easy - uninstall CS4 again - reinstall in Custom mode - UNSELECT ADOBE MEDIA PLAYER - and everything went well. So no need to switch off AV (I have McAfee 2009 fully updated), no need to turn off UAC, no nothing....just DON'T INSTALL ADOBE MEDIA PLAYER.

                                                                                      So there you have it Adobe Geniuses. Go figure !!

                                                                                      I live in Bangalore India (guess might as well rub it in :-))