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    CS4  'Licensing for this product has expired'

      This problem relates to a new install. Taken just about the entire weekend to get this problem sorted and still no closer. I have the trial DVD and trying to get to grips with it for evaluation. It's loaded fine on my desktop, but my laptop...totally different story.

      I get a message 'Licensing for this product has expired' and I can't run that program. However its only in some programs in CS4 not in all, as other run fine but after doing a reinstall to fix it, the problem just seems to moves to another program; so first time I got it on Illustrator and Dreamweaver and now after reinstall it changes so now its on Flash and Contribute, but all other programs work perfectly well (this has happened 5 or 6 times, Ive reinstalled that often!).

      1. I run Vista Home Premium on a new powerful laptop that exceeds all requirements with plenty of spare disk space. Its so new (prob 6 weeks old)that there were just a few new programs on (Office '07 and couple other programs, no Adobe programs except Reader 8.0)

      2. The laptop was partitioned by me c=vista d=docs p=program files, and its here on P that I've loaded CS4. I have this same set up on my work desktop which is identical in processor (intel core)and memory/RAM to the laptop and runs CS4 perfectly and was installed from the same DVD (trial version bought from Adobe for evaluation). Problem is need it on the laptop to complete the evaluation, being away from the office

      3. I've never moved the installation, its just stayed on P

      4. I've not restored

      5. I've validated no hardware issues via diagnotics and bad sector checks with professional tools, all other programs work prefectly

      6. I check Flexnet is working and started (set to manual)

      7. Yes I have permission all run as adminstrator etc..,

      8. I've tried running the CS4 programs from Program files/application - makes no difference

      9. I've uninstalled (using control panel/uninstall and then the remove tool found on support at http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs4clean.html) and reinstalled as well as uninstalled and reinstalled via desktop following support tutorial (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb403963) makes no difference other than moving the error to another program

      10. Yes I made sure no other program could interfere during install closing all anti-virus and programs in start-up which might effect this

      11. I did try using the adobe support advisor tool - gave no answers or log, and our software supplier said even Adobe reckon its a rubbish tool..

      12. Finally I did run the Licensing Repair Tool - no effect (run several times, after reboot)

      13. As the disk had just run on my desktop I have to presume the DVD is fine, but cleaned it anyway and it looks fine

      I'm out of ideas...
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          Same thing happening to me with Dreamweaver CS4. Purchased the Master collection online through Adobe and the other CS4 apps work fine. Very, very frustrating. I really don't want to go through the considerable headache of calling Adobe Technical support and being transfered around the world . . . Ahhhh.
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            I did call technical support. Waste of time they simply gave me the same list of things to do as are already on here. Clearly there is a problem, Adobe need to address this....
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              Any updates on this issue lads? Have you found a resolve? Please post resolves if you happen upon them for others who follow.

              Thank you!
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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee
                The answer is that when you contact Adobe Technical Support, always get the name of the person you are talking to and the case number. If the agent you are speaking with appears clueless or is effectively non-responsive to getting your problem resolved, demand to speak with their supervisor or even the supervisor's supervisor until you get someone who can escalate the problem to folks who can really assist you and get the problem resolved.

                This class of problems are not the type that are going to be resolved via these forums.

                - Dov
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                  1. Change your DATE to a previous (those working days)
                  2. Re-open Program (It will, now)
                  3. On the menus-> HELP->DEACTIVATE and close program
                  4. Change DATE to present
                  5. Open program again, it will ask for a new KEY, enter a new key
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                    Yup worked straight off, and I've reinstalled it on same partition as the operating system. Thanks for that

                    what's up with Adobe?
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                      I've also got this problem on the master collection and have tried many suggested solutions that have been posted on the web and none have worked.

                      Any one else got any ideas?

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                        I am having huge issues as well. I can't even get to a screen to deactivate and reactivate. The app won't launch a window just comes up that says "licensing for this product has expired" I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted every file I can find ever accessed by adobe photoshop and no luck.
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                          I HAD the same problem. I want to emphasize the word HAD because it is no longer an issue. Number 5 came close to working but it did not. Ok, I'll quit messin' with you guys and tell ya what I did and how I did it. I googled my problem with the message "Licensing for this product has expired."

                          I went to this site, but I had to sign up but it was worth it because the programs now work:


                          but I think this site where you download the rar file works too without having to sign up:


                          any questions? Email me at time4milkjr@hotmail.com
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                            I tried the above from smartcat and it worked on Dreamweaver, asked me for a new serial which I provided, then I shut it down and then re-set the clock and when I re-started Dreamweaver, it didn't work again!!! Back to the same old problem....

                            Will I forever have to set my clock to the past?!?!


                            It still says the code is out of date but I don't have any others!!
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                              this one worked for me!  though it never asked for they product key again... 

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                                PattiSokol Level 1

                                I'm experiencing the same problem.

                                • I'm running Windows XP, sp3
                                • uninstalled CS3 so that I could install CS4
                                • install appeared successful, but launching any product produces error message "Licensing for this product has expired"


                                I called installation support and found they inspire zero confidence. Two techs gave me two different answers, when I asked where the steps were documented the answer was they aren't and no we can't send them to you via email.  The supervisor said, "we just try something, if that doesn't work call back and we'll try something else." She, at least, pointed me to a couple of TechNotes.


                                Here's what I have tried so far:

                                • I've run the Licensing Service Update
                                • I've followed the steps for Solutions 1, 2, 4, 5 in TechNote KB405970


                                Neither worked, so I have uninstalled CS4 and am about to try more drastic measures.


                                Does anyone know if the CS4 Clean Script will solve this problem? KB406241


                                The suggested last resort is to uninstall ALL Adobe applications (I use several in addition to CS4: FM, LR, Elements) and to follow the steps in KB401401. This involves running the CS3 Clean Script. Installation support said to run it twice at level 2 and twice at level 4 (nuclear).


                                I foresee that this will take hours. So any suggestions that will save time and solve the problem are very welcome.





                                UPDATE: 6/8/09

                                Hours of wasted time. But finally working. The problem seems to have been a serial number that had, indeed, expired. As an Adobe Partner I have a couple of different serial numbers and the one I tried locked me out. As this was the first time I had installed CS4 on this system it didn't occur to me that it was a date issue. It seems that smartcat's post of 1/22/09 would have been good to try.


                                But no, I was working with installation support and so uninstalled everything, ran CS3 Clean Script and reinstalled. A further problem was caused by being told to install a trial version as English (International). If you have a US serial number you must choose English (US) or it will not recognize the serail number as valid.


                                Lesson learned: I need to keep better track of my serial numbers. Feature request: Adobe, please don't lock us out when serial numbers have expired. Provide an option to deactivate and enter a valid serial number.





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                                  How do I actually launch the program when I have to click on License Had Expired window, and it does not load at all. Badly need help.

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                                    PattiSokol Level 1

                                    Take a look at smartcat's post of 1/22/09, that technique should work. You will need a current, valid serial number to proceed.

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                                      pboong Level 1

                                      Hi PattiSokol,


                                      How do I "1. Change your DATE to a previous (those working days) "


                                      I have no idea how to do this step.Where and how do I change the DATE tho?


                                      I had re install the CS4 but facing the same fate again. So I hope to get the DATE change to proceed to step 2.


                                      Thanks a lot!



                                      Set the date to 2007. Did as follow, then back to 2009. License Expired error seen again.


                                      Set back to 2007 again, deactivate and erase serial number on this computer.

                                      Back to 2009, launch the program successfully. Went to check out at deactivate window, CS4 Web Premium detected.


                                      Now happily updating. Hurray!



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                                        rach f

                                        I tried changing the date, but then Dreamweaver wouldn't start because of another error - something like "Dreamweaver requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way."



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                                          This happened to me in CS2.  This is the solution I remember since it happened again.

                                          1. Uninstall the Adobe Program that the error is coming from.  Control Panel Add Remove Programs.

                                          2. Go to Control Panel

                                          3. Administrative Tools

                                          4. Services

                                          5. Find Flexnet Licensing Services (usually it is on Manual)

                                          7. Right Click and select properties

                                          8.Under Start Up Type turn it to automatic and start service

                                          9. Reboot computer

                                          10. Insert Adobe Disk and reinstall problem program.



                                          This should work Let me know


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                                            tan wooi kien

                                            Hi all i am having the same problem, i can't even go into photoshop window. Just straight away pop out "license is expired". Thanks to Mr. Manu a very good, patient adobe support from India. Slowly tought me to uninstall your cs4 then delete few folders from your c drive, go to  program files - Adobe - remove :


                                            • Adobe PCD
                                            • caps
                                            • backup


                                            Now you may restart and re-install your CS4 for sure this gonna work just fine.


                                            Thanks to Mr. Manu again.

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                                              Number 5 worked first time! Perfect, thanks very much smartcat


                                              P.S. I'm on a Mac, so it might be different for PC users, not sure

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                                                Mohammad yaseen

                                                why my photoshop cs4 licence expire

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                                                  i've try number 5, i cant say it actully works but when i change the time, it just go to licence agreement and when i press the accept button, it dissappered and nothing happen, it did not open



                                                  anyone help pls, i keep trying all day now