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    Vista installation snafus

      I have an HP Pavilion running Vista Home Premium. 64 x 2 Dual Core processor 5600+, 3GB ram.
      I am trying to install the Creative Suite 4. When I place the first DVD in, it does not prompt me for the serial number, it instead
      asks what I want installed and then begins installing. Upon completion of using DVD 2, it says Installed but with errors. The icons
      show up as installed and when I click on them it gives me an error message that says to reinstall.

      I cannot get this installed at all. I've turned off every security feature I have and have even uninstalled my AVG security.

      I teach graphic design and have had zero difficulty getting this to install on a 6 year old Windows XP Dell computer and laptop where I work.
      Aside from using Vista, what might I be doing wrong?

      Operating System: Windows Vista
      Printer model / driver version: HP Color Laser 1600
      Video display card / driver version: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

      I have uninstalled all components, including Photoshop CS2.
      I insert the CS4 DVD Application. When I do so, it analyzes my system... then prompts me for what components to install and to select a language. Nowhere on screen is a place to put in the Code Key. The gray boxes to enter this code are not shown. For example, I can select install Photoshop CS4, it just begins installing. It prompts me for Application 2 DVD when necessary, installs from that dvd, then when it finishes, it says "Installed but with errors"... next screen says "the following programs were successfully installed." I can find the Photoshop CS4 .exe icon, click it... Photoshop starts, then shuts off and prompts me to get online help because of installation errors.

      From the Adobe.com website, I have installed AIR and have tried to install the Loganalyzer, but with no success.
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          Sheila-Seattle Level 1
          Chris...I don't have an answer for you but a little input from my own bad
          experiences. I too am on an HP Pavillion though it's Vista 32. I wonder if
          HP's bios or something else HP that is causing the issues. In my case I've
          found little or no help here on the forum AND the same through Adobe's tech
          support. I can successfully install everything but Flash will not work. I've
          reduced number of fonts (on their suggestion), turned everything security
          off, and used both the Windows Install Cleanup and the AdobeCS4 Clean... all
          to no avail. Another troubleshooting step suggested was to install on
          another system. I was able to successfully install on my HP Vista laptop. I
          think all that tells me is the issue is with my desktop. Another tip I read
          was to remove Adobe Flash Player. Maybe one of those will be something you
          hadn't heard that may help.

          Good luck...I'll be watching here for any other tips from fellow travellers.
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            I've had so many problems just like what you've described that I decided to do away with all the manufacturer's garbage software that I never use. I bought Adobe Design Premium CS3, and it had very similar issues as you've described. I then purchased Vista Ultimate 64 bit, installed that, and nothing more (no HP software at all) and have had no issues since doing so. In fact: I had to re-partition my HDD to allow a 32-bit installation of Windows XP, since Vista doesn't recognize my old scanner, but I simply boot into XP only to scan, then re-boot into Vista to do everything else.
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              Ken Valerius,

              You're running Vista 64 with DP-CS3 with no issues? Hmm... makes me thing on something.

              I'm having issues getting DP-CS3 to install on my Vista 32 laptop, after doing an uninstall of DP-CS2. It installs only (old Macromedia) apps; Dreamweaver, Flash. But all the componets from Adobe do not install.

              I've been thinking of Vista64 (mainly for the RAM ability).

              Though, man I'd hate to see how doing a complete rebuild of a box would be. No issues you're having with DP-CS3 huh? Are you running PS-extended? or standard?
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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                Design premium installed and runs perfectly for me under Vista Ultimate
                64. It included Photoshop Extended.